Nick Wooster – Unique Style Icon

Nick Wooster – Unique Style Icon

nick wooster, wearing a bow tie

Nick Wooster – Unique Style Icon

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You’ve most probably seen this man around the web, it seems his pictures are cropping up on nearly every menswear blog, image hosting platform and not to mention – tumblr has gone wild for almost any image that features the man himself.

So who is this man you can’t avoid… surely you know by now?

His name is Nick Wooster – ex Men’s Fashion Director of Neiman Marcus, he’s also known for his work for leading labels such as Ralph Lauren Menswear and amongst many other achievements – his unique take on fashion. I am sure you will agree with me when I say… he is the most stylish fifty one year old you will ever see and certainly one of the finest fashion icons for men.

Now let’s dive in to the fashion behind Mr Wooster and look at that unique styling that has took the blogsphere by storm. This guy can pull off any combination of garments – in-fact the way he combines the garments he wears so well is the reason they work. Let’s start with a classic tailored suit: a high quality – fine cut tailored suit combined with a crisp shirt is often the outfit of choice for Mr Wooster.

So there it is the style from the blogspeher star that is Nick Wooster – I hope you liked and I know the entire post has a biased feel but when a guy looks that good in a Fred Perry Polo and a pair of pink chinos – You’ve gota love it…right?

Let me know what you think in the comments section!

Nick Wooster dotted tie and pinstripe suit

Nick’s more “casual” attire- This certainly doesn’t mean these images contain casual attire, but compared to his stylish suits it’s a slightly more casual.

Nick Wooster, lots of tatoo


nick wooster sunglasses, chequered tie, suit


Nick Wooster, blue and pink blazers

That tailored style is also present in his “less work like” suit collection

Nick Wooster, black and white bow ties

This guy makes the bow tie alternative a must!

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