David Gandy – British Fashion Council’s Finest

David Gandy – British Fashion Council’s Finest

My first ever interview and encounter with David Gandy was back in January of 2013 the second season of London Collections: Men (LC:M). Like him I have seen, promoted and put LC:M into the spotlight. I have all the evidence on-line under the EVENTS section. Gracie Opulanza is the real on-line deal.  To date I see David at every LC:M event and I make a conscious effort to go up to him and ask if I can interview him.

David Gandy – My David or My Goliath?

I have intreviewed David Gandy many times and for those that are interested you can see the interviews here. I only have snipet conversations with him, we just have a professional understanding between each other. David Gandy is a very approachable guy just like you and me. A person putting with a wealth of knowledge about the fashion and modelling industry. I understand the pressure he is under because in the fashion world it’s not that easy, being high profile and being civil to people you don’t know.

One4TheBoys – David Gandy On The Catwalk

In all my encounters with David I have never seen him going on the catwalk. My first chance to see him like that was at the One4TheBoys charity event which was held during the LC:M. It made perfect sense for him to be up there as Britians finest all in the name of charity. No matter what, he stood out amongst all those A-listers out there, walking and looking super sexy. That is what David Gandy is, a male super model and it is what defines him. He is the best out there and well loved by the audience.

Maria Scard – Photography

David has been photograped by many people, however there is a nice relationship between him and Maria Scard whose photographs are featured both on  MenStyleFashion and Gracie Opulanza.

Great to see he has finally launched his own underwear range.


David Gandy in Action

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