When it comes to non-traditional careers for men, there are many misconceptions people have to struggle with. Because of the stigma that surrounds an unconventional job, men can feel discouraged from seeking a career in a specific field. But, once you separate the myth from the fact, you will realize everything you’ve been missing. Here is one of the most common myths about degrees that people think are not for men.

Myth: Occupational Therapy Is Not the Best Career Choice for Men

Male psychiatry

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Only 10% of therapists are men. Historically, therapy was never considered one of the most popular stereotypical male jobs. Most businesses would hire women, creating this gender imbalance. But, according to experts, the need for general occupational therapists is constantly growing. More and more baby boomers start to retire, which opens excellent career opportunities for male therapists.

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Myth: Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing and Education Is Not for Men

Male nurse

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One of the most common misconceptions about men is that they don’t have a caring and nurturing side. Many feel that getting a degree in education and nursing is not even worth it. So, a student often believes they will not make for a good teacher or a nurse. The truth is different. Men have endless career opportunities, even for an unconventional job.

The employment rate for nurses is estimated to grow by 7% from 2019 to 2029, according to US statistics. That means men can find jobs that pay well. Statistics show that an increasing number of men have chosen nursing as their career. Currently, 91% (3.2 million) nurses in the U.S. are female, while 9% (330,000) are male. But, the number of male nurses is expected to increase.

Most importantly, however, men are just as nurturing and caring as a female nurse or a tutor.  Although they might be disheartened from pursuing such a career at school, since it is viewed as “not masculine” enough, they can still thrive in this environment. In fact, these make for one of the best careers for men. The younger generation can look up to them as caring and responsible role models.

Myth: Getting a Degree In Childcare Won’t Pay Off


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Just 38% of college graduates believe their education was worth the cost. But, most of them are struggling with debt, failed a course, or piled up an assignment. This makes them feel negative about spending so much money on college. But, that won’t always be a problem when you earn a better living. The child care services industry features over 56,000 commercial facilities, all with yearly revenue of $25 billion.

Expert providers take care of children on a day-to-day basis. They can work at daycare schools, centers, or parents can hire them individually. While in the past, working as a male babysitter might have been one of the most non-traditional careers for men, times are changing. As a babysitter, a man will be an excellent “big brother” figure.

They can take care of children just as well as females do. Even though there still might be some lingering stigma, it’s possible for men to become a babysitter. They can get hired and earn a stable living. Besides, 41% of parents are spending a minimum of $1,000 on babysitter fees, according to a 2017 Babysitter Survey. Therefore, it can be one of those jobs that pay well, especially if you get tips from time to time.


Everyone needs a positive work relationship. But, to reach your full potential, you have to follow your dreams. Even when that means finding your way in a different market and working an unconventional job, it’s true that people tend to shape their ideas and thoughts around traditional stigma. But, times are changing. That means men, too, have countless opportunities to form that positive work relationship in industries that don’t offer your stereotypical male jobs.