There are many reasons to consider a new merchant services career. Whether you’re feeling unfulfilled, unhappy with your salary or looking for a way to help local businesses improve their services, it’s time to consider a career in merchant services. Explore three key features of this industry before finding out how you can help your local community. Learn more about the income potential, flexible schedule and how the competitive Clover Flex price makes it easy to help businesses make the switch.

Unlimited Earning Potential

A career in sales means you’ll enjoy the potential for upfront bonuses and residual income. Motivated sales agents can create their own salary and enjoy a significant earning potential. Some merchant services partners place a cap on the earning potential for their service representatives. Be sure you work with a company that rewards you for every sale, every contract and every residual income opportunity.

Residual income is based on your relationship with business owners. Once you foster a long-term relationship and encourage a business to sign up for monthly or yearly services, you’ll enjoy a portion of the profits on the sale. These profits create a passive income to reward your success.

Flexible Daily Schedule

Do you work best in a traditional workday? Are you craving a little flexibility to strike a better work-life balance? Find a merchant account agent program that puts you in charge of your schedule. Work when it’s most convenient for you to improve your productivity. Take the vacation of your dreams without requesting permission from your boss, or work ahead and get rewarded for all that overtime.

Your daily tasks will be meeting with prospective clients and highlighting the benefits of working with you for credit card processing and point of sales hardware. Set up meetings at nearby businesses at your convenience. Connect online or by phone to reach out to potential customers around the nation from the comfort of your home office.

Easy Startup

You don’t have to be a sales expert to create a successful career in merchant services. The latest point of sales systems are highly intuitive and boast plenty of benefits, so it’s easy to highlight the reasons to make the change. Partner with a company who helps you get to know your merchant products and the latest sales tips. A helpful partner can make the training process surprisingly easy and set you on the path to a successful career.

Personalized training and access to innovative POS technology can make all the difference when starting out in the merchant services industry. Instead of fighting uphill to try to sell a sub-par product, confidently connect local business owners with the cutting edge of innovation and convenience.

Make the Move to Merchant Services Today

Start the training process to start a merchant services career today. Partner with a leading company to set your own schedule, enjoy an unlimited salary potential and receive one-on-one training on sales tips and Clover Mini POS features. Don’t wait for a promotion or hope to be rewarded for your hard work, but take charge of your career and become your own boss.