Norway – 5 Adventurous Experiences

Norway – 5 Adventurous Experiences

The country of polar bears and vikings, Norway is known for its urban cities, small, beautiful towns and glorious fjords. You can enjoy the ultimate natural beauty that the country has to offer by camping, hiking, fishing or kayaking all over the place. There are a number of Norway custom vacation packages which you can opt from as per your budget and preferences. The country has many adventurous, adrenaline spiking experiences that you can enjoy and make memories for a lifetime.

Read on to know more about five such activities that everyone should be a part of in Norway.

Climb the highest peak in Norway


Galdhopiggen – the tallest mountain in Norway, stands at a respectable 2469 metres, a height which is not that difficult to scale. If you are someone who loves a challenge, climbing this beautiful mountain should definitely be on your bucket list. The summit can be completed via two paths, both of which are not very difficult. The journey to the top is going to leave you in awe of the country as the scenery here is breathtaking!

Kayaking in the Folgefonna Glacier

 During the warmer months, the sun melts frozen lakes in the Hardanger region of the country. The water goes up to Folgefonna glacier, making for a journey that almost seems out of the movies. Kayaking in these waters is picturesque, with natural beauty dripping away. If you want, you can even try ice climbing in this area. An Arctic adventure – well Norway does not get better than this!

Catch the Northern Lights in the wild

 No list about Norway can be complete without mentioning the Northern Lights. This natural phenomenon is a once-in-a-lifetime experience which you have got to witness once you are in the country. In the northern regions, closer to the Arctic north, you can also go for reindeer sleds, which are surely one of the best Norwegian adventures.

Get clicked at Kjeragbolten


One of the most talked about tourist attractions on the country, Kjeragbolten is a boulder, caught between two sides of the mountain. The physical location and the thrill of the place has made it famous all over the world. Reaching the boulder comes with risking almost a thousand feet fall to one’s death, a challenge that many people love to overcome by getting clicked at this extremely dangerous place. It is a short hike up to the place with chains in place, and the views from here are simply other-worldly.

 Go on a snowy vacation with your family in Svalbard

Head to Svalbard in Norway and experience the country like never before. If you are a family of adrenaline junkies, snowmobiles are your answer to everything in this area. The beautiful fjords and white glaciers can only be experienced best on top of a snowmobile. The silence here is exquisite and getting to spot the wild life (think polar bears) in the icy landscape is every bit as exciting as you can hope it to be.

The icy landscapes in north, iconic fjords and beach towns make Norway every bit of a bucket list item every traveller wants to cover, so plan your trip to this Scandinavian heaven soon! Protection Status

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