The Stunning Trip from Madrid to Valencia

The Stunning Trip from Madrid to Valencia

If you are the passionate explorer, the trip from Madrid to Valencia should be on your forefront. The journey unfolds amazing and stunning things for you to enjoy with your families or buddies.  Geographically, Valencia is the 3rd biggest city in Spain, located on the Mediterranean coast.

Legendary as the birthplace of paella, Valencia is a delightful town where the modern and historical seamlessly coexist. The city is made up of winding cobblestone streets, as well as unique Sciences and City Arts. It is the destination of a vibrant culinary scene, pristine beaches, lively atmosphere, and historic buildings.

There are numerous ways you can travel from Madrid to Valencia. At your freedom, you can use a train, plane, bus, or a taxi.  The fastest train arrives at Valencia in 1 hour and 50 minutes; the ticket charges start from EUR 31.1. The Madrid to Valencia bus time travel is 4 hours and 15 minutes, you to have to pay a minimum of EUR 27.

The plane time flight is approximately 1 hour, and the ticket costs around EUR 106. You can also arrive at Valencia by taxi; roughly the journey time is 3 hours and 40 minutes. The charges of using a taxi start from EUR 369. If you have a blazing desire to experience the beauty and the breathtaking of Valencia the above costs are profoundly cheap.

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Frequently the routes below are used by trains:

  • Madrid Puerto de Atocha
  • Cuenca Fernando Zobel
  • Requena/Utiel
  • Valencia Joaquin Sorolla


Madrid Puerto de Atocha

The Atocha station is the biggest railway station in Spain. It is the major station serving commuter, regional, and intercity trains from the south, and the AVE fastest trains from Madrid, Valencia, and Seville. The Atocha name has been given to the station because it neighbors Royal Basilica dedicated to the Lady of Atocha. This church is located 300 meters from the railway station.

Cuenca Fernando Zobel

Cuenca Fernando is located 5 kilometers from Madrid. This station is named after a hero painter Fernando Zobel to remember his links to the city. It covers 3.950 square meters with 8.900 meters space parking. It is operated by RENFE and part of Adif. It provides travelers with regular connections every day and lessening the trip time to around 50 minutes.



Requena is 68 kilometers away from Valencia City. It is a fantastic city deeply loved by massive of individuals because of its fascinating cultural sites.  Requena has a couple of charming houses and attractive squares designed with tiles and elaborate fashioned ironwork. The Moors built the houses and castles.  Requena has the magnificent church called Santa Maria which was built in the 14th century and the El Salvador church which has a catchy Isabelline Gothic facade.

Valencia Joaquin Sorolla

Joaquin Sorolla is the arrival destination. It gives you a preview picture of the entire Valencia city. Joaquin Sorolla comprises of modern hotels that cater for all your needs. It has classy hotels that offer prestigious accommodations, and you have a golden opportunity of taking breakfast, lunch, and dinner of your choice.

The Valencia ambiance seduces you not to leave the city. It assists you with your family or mates to soak in flavors of happiness and joy. It gives you a variety of jazz and fun immediately you reach there. Don’t hesitate to take the beautiful trip from Madrid to Valencia. Protection Status

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