Oakwood Studios Singapore – Millennial Luxury City Living

Oakwood Studios Singapore – Millennial Luxury City Living

Since 2015 I have been experiencing the world of luxury. In 2018 the world of luxury is undergoing a transformation in which the most astute consumers have disavowed mass luxury and turned their back on following the mainstream trends of travelling. Instead, they have turned to the concept of unique, bespoke travel experiences as an expression of their inner selves.

Today people are travelling for work as well as leisure, incorporating the lifestyle they wish to choose and live. I am finding people are wanting to take their personal belongings with them and feel home away from home. Oakwood Studios in Singapore creates an urban city space for those people seeking to experience Singapore on a long or short term basis. Its location is only a stone throw away from Orchard road, the hub for luxury brands around the globe. This is an affluent area of Singapore, what I call the Mayfair of luxury accommodation and lifestyle trends. Residents and guests here are ushered into a lifestyle haven amid a tranquil environment of manicured greenery surroundings and modern smart home features.


The pursuit for perfection continues to hold true to the design ethos which has now ventured into more overseas projects in Asia. From the colour scheme, the lighting and the careful curation of the space, down to pictures frames, social media digital walls and the art including a stylish piano which is available to rent and take into your suite. The reception area including its overt messages is a refreshing change to what I call accessible luxury without the intimidation factor. The outdoor area with its sharp lines and a semi-industrial feel comprises a colourful seating area with a minimalist sanctuary area with a compact seating zone. It is enough for me to liaise and interact with other guests if I choose. This new millennial approach to sharing space throughout the studios is an increasing trend that I like. Sharing is caring after all. In this world where our family is where one resides, it’s a concept that will increasingly command a new way of luxury stays throughout Singapore and the rest of the globe. Oakwood Studios has done a great job here.

Oakwood Studios Singapore - Millennial Luxury City Living

The staff were very welcoming and very accommodating with a young fresh approach to serving their guests.

Swimming Pool

This lap pool, gymnasium, lounge corners, an alfresco dining area, including a barbecue area are just some additions to make the notion of millennial’s modern living. A brilliant location right in the heart of a prestigious area of Singapore, makes this stay a promising and irresistible one.

The roof terrace had ample seating space which was decorated with a cosy ambience in mind, combined with an infinity pool overlooking this luxury part of Singapore. The earthly palette united the decor scheme of this spacious communal area, thus creating a cosy sanctuary for all guests.

Oakwood Studios Singapore - Millennial Luxury City Living

Laundry and Complimentary Parking

In this Millennial lifestyle era, sharing is caring and therefore being able to park your car let alone do your washing with others is a great way to meet new people. Conversations and networking have been a key element in my success both personally and within business. This has on many occasions forced me out of my comfort zone which has resulted in me reaping many fruitful rewards, even whilst doing my laundry here at Oakwood studios.

Studio Apartment

I had two studio apartments to explore where I felt at home away from home. This clever compact usage of space combined with different types of yarn and weave structures amongst the colourful rigs as well as the lounge gave the apartment a modern spacious feel.

The kitchen was small but with the state of the art technology where clever use of space was used, made the kitchen an efficient working space. Being able to hide the sink covered with dirty dishes is a lazy way to keep the flat pristine and clean.

I liked how I could peer through a looking glass full of essentials, that being wine glasses. I liked the design plates and cutlery, combine this with a balcony which allowed me to bring outdoor space into my apartment and I had some alfresco dining close by. The balcony also allowed me to see and experience how the locals live.

The king-size bed was huge and very comfortable, combine this with the flat-screen TV situated on the wall and it was no wonder I rarely left the apartment. I had to see I was coming to an end of my three months travel. The natural light thanks to the ceiling to floor sliding doors was wonderful too. The studio had sharp lines and a semi homely feel alongside discreet mirror storage units running along the wall. I felt this space felt a lot bigger than it actually was. Round tables have softer lines and in this case, it created a more intimate and friendly atmosphere. The furniture throughout the apartments had a quiet elegance that becomes a natural extension of the interior that I would create as my own den.

Oakwood Studios Singapore - Millennial Luxury City Living

The Nespresso machine and rice cooker were an added bonus to accommodate my stay. In 2018, where less is more this is a perfect example of combining a luxury stay with a minimal amount of stuff.


Keen to ensure that Oakwoods Studios residence was sympathetic to it surroundings this modern way of living is why these studios run on high capacity. The pale grey exterior and the design gives it a nostalgic and contemporary feel to the place. Singapore is a pristine city and therefore, the usage of ground to floor ceilings windows, throughout the apartments is a brilliant way to bring a tropical oasis of paradise right into my studio. The area is actually very quiet and nestled in the lush greens of central Singapore. Combined with the access to Orchard road, famous for its luxury shopping just around the corner, this combination is perfect to Singapore’s flourishing lifestyle market.

Waking up with this modern skyline is a reminder that Singapore is now rated one of the most sought after cities in the world for nomads, millennials to both visit, reside and explore.


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