Office Attire – 5 Menswear Outfits To Look The Part

Office Attire –  5 Menswear Outfits To Look The Part

Once upon a time, traditional office attire was a suit and tie and while that is still perfectly acceptable, the traditional rules for dressing for work have gone out of the window. While this means more thought needs to go into your outfits than simply matching your shirt with a different colour tie each day, it does offer the opportunity to be creative with your outfit choices.

You will still need to dress for the job and that means dressing to send the right impression. Here are just a few ways in which you can do this:

  1. Mix and Don’t Match

A safe alternative to the everyday suit is to mix elements of the outfit, with other pieces from your wardrobe. Try wearing a suit blazer with a pair of different coloured trousers – a brown blazer with blue trousers is always a hit, for example. Not only is this mix up still a sharp look, but it provides even more wardrobe options. It’s also a good idea to play with different shirt and tie colours and patterns, not all will work, but find the right one and it will be your go-to.


  1. Accessorise

Office attire can sometimes be repetitive. Unless you have 30 different looks for work, the chances are that you are going to wear some outfits multiple times in a month – whether it’s that striped shirt or green jumper. Accessories and small details are a great way to liven up an outfit. When it comes to choosing accessories, less is more, and one statement piece, such as a watch, is a sure-fire way to complete an outfit.


  1. Be Bold

A crisp white shirt is an office staple and thanks to its versatility, it’s guaranteed to go with most outfits – but it’s not the only option. Try and expand to other colours to bring life to your workwear. A blue shirt should be the next addition to your wardrobe; paired with a grey suit it will complement in a similar way as a white shirt. It’s recommended to choose powder and baby blue shades for light grey suits and navy for a darker-hued suit.


  1. Layers

A cardigan or jumper is the simplest way of layering while being two of the most versatile items of clothing. Both can be teamed with a shirt and tie combination, are great for winter when you are wanting that extra layer under your blazer or can be for when it’s transitioning into a new season and not quite coat weather. Choose a contrasting colour shade to your trousers or blazer to highlight the layers.


  1. Swap The Shoes

When it comes to office attire most people will opt for a rounded pair of brogues for their footwear. However, often overlooked is a good pair of loafers. A sleek and understated style, paired with the right trousers they can change a whole outfit. They are versatile and can be worn for both formal and casual. For business wear, choose leather loafers in a dark colour to wear with a suit or blazer and chinos combination. Protection Status

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