Black Tie – 5 Top Points For Wearing An Evening Suit

Black Tie – 5 Top Points For Wearing An Evening Suit

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With ‘Black Tie’ remaining the un-doubtable height of sartorial elegance, it is important to get it right.  Rather than trying to make a fashion statement with your chosen garments, it is about dressing appropriately for both the event, and your body. Below, are the 5 top points for wearing an evening suit:

Black Tie –  5 Top Points For Wearing An Evening Suit

1) An evening suit is not worn as often as your other suits, so it is worth spending a bit more money on a timeless garment, which will last you up to a decade.  The high quality cloth and the cut of the garment is so important, as any quality tailor will assure you. With this in your cupboard, you will never have to worry about what to wear to a formal event.

2) Go for a peaked lapel. If you hire a cheap evening suit, they will often have notched lapels, as they are churned out at a rate of knots, rather than handcrafted to your proportions and style. A peaked lapel will draw eyes up to your shoulders, often being favoured by those who are less naturally athletic, it also looks somewhat more exciting and elegant.

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Brad Pitt - Black Tie Suit Cannes Festival

3) Pair your evening suit with a real bow tie. Learn how to tie it. It is not hard, and there are plenty of video tutorials to show you how! Different textures or prints are not advised – you don’t want to be the only person at a formal event with a quirky bow tie!

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4) Accessorize in the correct way. It is not just the suit that will be on show. When you sit down, so are your socks! Don’t wear woolly socks, wear plain black, preferably cashmere or silk socks with plain black leather shoes. A pocket square also looks smart, as long as it coordinates with the rest of the outfit that you are wearing.

Mr Hare Black Shoes and socks London Collections Men

5) Wear the correct shirt with your evening suit. Any tailor will tell you that the shirt you choose to go with your suit is extremely important. A turn down collar, rather than a wing collar is preferable as it fits in with the ‘black tie’ these more appropriately. You can also decide whether you want your shirt buttons on show or not. Team this with a pair of elegant cufflinks- not too brash or flashy, just a smart pair that fit in with what you are wearing.

White Shirts for black tie events

Braces for Black Tie - Skullhead

Be daring with your accessories

Double Breasted Peal Lapel Suit

Dress Code for formal events

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