As a general rule a mansbag comes in all shapes and sizes. In more utilitarian occasions, being a bit more style forward regarding your mansbag, is always harder to pull off. So how do you know which mansbag is right for you? Throughout my five years in observing men.  I’ve concluded that a messenger bag tends to be associated with briefcases and therefore are seen as much more formal accessories to be used in professional situations. And if you want to look a bit more stylish and are carrying less, then the briefcase stands alone.

In speaking to co-founder Mattis Oppermann, I was curious to find out more about the Palissy briefcase range.

 Oppermann Trend Philosophy

Oppermann always aim to make products with the highest quality possible. By not having seasonal collections we are able to continuously improve what we already have, instead of creating new lines which have to be discounted by the end of the season. We believe that is wrong approach to create long lasting products. Therefore our main priority is to continue to improve designs and manufacturing techniques to achieve our goal.

Our designs are a mix between the old and the new. The new being our Scandinavian design influences: a modern look made up of clean lines and geometric shapes, creating an elevated but no-fuss aesthetic. – Mattis Oppermann

The leather we use however is tanned using traditional methods usually found in the high quality vintage briefcases – free of chemicals and synthetic coatings. These days, bags from more household brands mostly use either synthetically tanned leathers with lots of coating. The reasoning seems to be a more ‘perfect’ end product that’s easier to produce and handle. But we believe, and our customers seem to agree, that many people want something closer to the ‘true leather experience’.

Palissy Briefcase

The Palissy briefcase message is all about showcasing a sophisticated design. Regarding the durability of the leather the Palissy Briefcase, will look better and better the more you use it. The leather is made from smooth, natural Vachetta leather. This Italian vegetable-tanned leather is thick and rigid, yet soft on touch. With use, it will darken and develop a beautiful, unique patina. It’s a staple piece that other men will draw their attention too during business meetings. This contemporary case acts like a personal portfolio, representing who you are in business and what your personal style messages is about. Let’s face it,  this is your day-to-day companion, a modern briefcase for the modern forward thinking business. gentleman.


Always an important factor when it comes to that moment in business. Where you need to be able to open wide, the breifcase for easy access to your business tools. The chunky extended zip allows unfettered access to the inside pockets and compartments. Because dimensions are 39x30x6.5cm, there are no awkward moments when you can’t get out your laptop let alone your Ipad before your presentation.


Today your Colour message is just as important as the business message you’re trying to get across. Therefore choosing your colour becomes a personal staple piece message. From Chocolate, to Black, Navy or that gorgeous Cognac classic. One has to opt for whatever he feels represents him.  In regards to the lining. You can team  your briefcase with choices of  classic Grey,  powerful Red or burnt Orange lining.








Keep It Brief

On many occasions you need to know that less is more and you should keep all your messages brief. For a man it’s all about what is in the detail let alone in his Palissy Briefcase.