The Man Bag – Wear It With Confidence

The Man Bag – Wear It With Confidence

Man bag - Wear it with confidence

The Man Bag

A wise man once said, “It’s not a man purse, it’s a satchel.”  Murse, satchel, or carry-all, these are some of the words used when we poke fun at a man carrying a bag. Whether you’re Joey Tribianni from “Friends” or Zach Galifianakis’ character from “The Hangover”, we have all been shocked and possibly awed by that guy who carries a bag. Bro Code 34: A bro will never let a fellow bro wear a man purse.




I ask, “Why not?” Why aren’t guys allowed to carry a bag? It wasn’t too long ago that fitted or skinny pants were taboo. Is the messenger bag the only bag we are allowed to use? The common theme between Joey and Zach is that both they needed a place to store manly essentials. But there was one flaw, it was how they wore it. The key is to use a bag like a man, not wear a bag like a women. For the sake of testosterone, don’t ever throw it over your shoulder or sling it over the bend of your arm.

Like most, I started with a backpack, backpack progressed to messenger, and messenger progressed to a variety of weekenders and totes. However, most stop at the messenger.  It’s the safe alternative to the backpack.  What about the briefcase you ask?  Well, this can be at times harder to pull off than any other bag. It has such a formal undertone, that it can be hard to pull off if you’re not pulling down six figures and dawning a power suit everyday.

With any new item, it takes a concerted effort to step outside the comfort zone. Every man needs a weekender, a tote, and a messenger. You can always add more later, but these are the staples that will get you by for the trips and business luncheons. The most important thing to remember is that when people stare, it’s because they bare witness to a man who can actually rock a bag. Wear it with confidence and pride knowing that you stand apart.

Man bag - Wear it with confidence 2

The Business Tote – No one would dare say this was feminine. This exudes power.

Man bag - Wear it with confidence 1

The Everyday Bag – Take it to the coffee shop. Take it to school. It will only look better with age.

Man bag - Wear it with confidence - The weekender everybody needs one

The Weekender – Makes traveling easy, simple, and masculine. Leave that roller at home.

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