Orbitsound Bar A60 – Review

Orbitsound Bar A60 – Review

The award winning British audio technology brand, Orbitsound, launches the Orbitsound BAR A60. It is designed to enhance the inferior sound often found in today’s flatscreen TVs, the BAR A60 is aimed at consumers who want to enjoy premium sound and add an eye-catching design to their TV set-up without a huge price tag. The BAR A60 launches to market on the 12th August 2016 and is available exclusively at Currys PC World. MenStyleFashion got its hands on an early model to test and here are my findings.


The box was way bigger than I was expecting as I hadn’t previously seen any dimensions of the product. In terms of the unboxing experience, there wasn’t much of one. It was just like when you are unboxing your new TV or large tech item. No complaints but no standout experience.


Combining sleek design with patented airSOUND™ technology, the BAR A60 is carefully crafted from engineered wood with a matt finish, making it a great choice of audio for a stylish home. I loved the way it looked on my kitchen counter and have since decided to keep it there! It would have looked great as part of my home cinema set-up but for me, it’s all about the music.


Easy set-up

With a one-step set-up, the BAR A60 can be set-up in minutes. Only one optical cable is required to connect the soundbar and the television. There is no need for any additional equipment, wiring or adjustment. The ease at which everything got connected and functional was refreshing and satisfying.


Orbitsound’s patented airSOUND technology is something I wanted to experience as I’d heard so much about it from previous exposure to Orbitsound’s products. The BAR A60 creates true to life and natural audio that overcomes the need to listen from a stereo sweet spot due to its patented British airSOUND™ technology, which delivers a rich and immersive sound at high or low volume settings, thereby enhancing dialogue, music, action and sound from everyday programming. airSOUND™ technology overcomes the limitations of a stereo sweet spot, so wherever the listener is in the room, the audio effect is rich and authentic.


Measuring a compact 69cm x 6.5cm x 7.4cm (width x depth x height), the BAR A60 can be conveniently wall or table mounted, smoothly blending into any part of the house. Whether it’s a thrilling movie, melodious music or action packed sport, the BAR A60 pumps out 300 Watts of high fidelity sound from five speakers, including two airSOUND™ speakers located on the ends of the bar and a powerful wireless subwoofer. The industrial design emphasises the airSOUND™ credentials via Orbitsound’s signature grilles on three sides and includes an intuitive control panel and stylish backlit display.

Control Learning

One of the BAR A60’s standout features is remote control learning. With a touch of a button the BAR A60 goes into learning mode. This allows the soundbar to learn from any TV remote control* the vol+ and vol- functions. This feature allows the user to control the BAR A60 volume from their TV remote, eliminating the need to use Orbitsound’s own remote control.



The A60 comes with a powerful low latency wireless subwoofer, which means it can be positioned in a variety of positions without compromising performance whilst maintaining a solid wireless link. Utilising the latest Bluetooth technology, the subwoofer connection features an optimised digital bandwidth to achieve greater range, higher speed (lower latency) and zero interference with Bluetooth performance.


The BAR A60 supports aptX and lossless Bluetooth, meaning you can connect to any Bluetooth device for high quality streaming within seconds. Legacy devices can be connected using the 3.5mm jack input. Also, offering an NFC enabled device to the front of the soundbar causes the BAR A60 to power up and connect instantly for one-touch, menu free streaming.


I may not be using the speaker and sub woofer for their main use (music only) but I have to say that my experience of this speaker set-up has given me a great insight in to what to expect int arms of quality when I spend 399 GBP on a sound system. I can’t image getting anything better than this for the same price.

As mentioned before, the BAR A60 comes out on August 12, 2016 in Currys and PC World ONLY! You may well be reading the first ever review of this product right here on MenStyleFashion.

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