Keiko Mecheri bal de roses range

The Suited Scent

Style is often interpreted as a physical and tangible presence, you have to either see it or feel it. But for me, style is also about the unseen finer details.

The scent of a man places just as much importance as to the way he folds down or pop’s up his collar, the way he corrects his tie, or his impeccable need  for the tailored fit in a suit. You may not be able to see it, but the scent in a man may very well be the perfect addition to a man’s style.

It is true that how you present yourself will reflect your personal style. But if you have placed all the effort into well grooming, then you simply shouldn’t compromise on your personal scent.

A man’s scent should reflect his style at the time.  He should also have a signature scent that depicts all  or most areas of his lifestyle.  When selecting the best suited scent for you, there are a few things you should consider.

  1. Your personal style
  2. Your lifestyle – interests and profession
  3. The event you are attending

Are you a man of nature?  earthy woody soils or fresh sea breezes.., or are you more inclined to the astute scent, strong, masculine and confident.. or are you a man of mystery?.. where the notes to the scent is a combination with hints of spice, sweet and calming, evasive and elusive, can’t quite work out the scent.

The suited scent for a man can go on forever. But the art of selecting the perfect one is the key. Select one that has longevity in scent, where it should still linger on you even when fading…

My personal favourite scent for a man is a beautiful private collection by Keiko Mecheri  Bespoke. Each one is ridiculously engaging with a lingering note. Stylish yet delicious, confident and rare is the perfect description to this bespoke collection.

Perfume for men

Perfume for men

Perfume for men