Pitti Uomo Italy – The Real Men’s Fashion Week

Pitti Uomo Italy – The Real Men’s Fashion Week

Pitti Uomo is a menswear fashion fair held in Florence Italy. It is the most powerful men’s trade show in the world full for established fashion brands as well as up and coming brands. Over 500 dedicated menswear brands are there competing for business. For those seeking the 2020 trends and want to buy into menswear, this is the biggest catwalk you will ever see. Four days of amazing sartorial engineering on display.

For exhibitors, it takes on average three seasons to get a stall here to showcase your collection, that is how long the waiting list is. It is very popular and for those meaning business, Pitti Immagine is the place.

After attending London Fashion Week Men and Paris Fashion Week numerous times in the past, I decided to visit the pinnacle of the Menswear fashion show calendar, Pitti Uomu in Florence.


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I Loved Pitti Uomo

It was amazing to come back into a fashion show such as Pitti Uomo after all these years. The venue was all in one area, which means I didn’t have to run around Paris or London exhausted for a fashion catwalk that lasts only 5 to 10 minutes. At Pitti Uomo, I could connect with professional people, the designers, the marketing or even CEO level people to find out more about their collection and how to collaborate. The venues were fantastic and thank God they were fully air-conditioned, as outside the temperatures were hitting 37 degrees. Food and drinks were served everywhere, it is a real lifestyle experience.

I can touch and feel the collection. I can talk to the designer, the founder, the marketing manager and really make a personal connection with these people who work so very hard.

Pitti Uomo Italy - The Real Men's Fashion Week

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Pitti Immagine 2019

Pitti Is For Fashion Bloggers

Pitti Uomo is the place to make money. For me, it is the best fashion show in the world. There is no need to rush off to Milan Fashion Week: Men 2019. Where there will be less of a connection with the brand and the journalist/blogger. All brands there want to battle it out to see who is King of Milan, the haute couture capital of Italy and who can host the best party.

Celebrities will be all around and menswear and womenswear catwalks will be held intertwined. Pitti Uomo is so much more down to earth, connections can be made and men show off their street style as true fashion aficionados.

Milan: Feels like Ladies’ Day again in the Italian menswear capital. It’s going to be the most female-inflected season in recent memory at Milan Fashion Week Men’s 2019, the four-day Italian menswear runway which kicks off today , with a co-ed presentation by Stella McCartney; features an Italian debut by French hipster Isabel Marant, and a high-octane soirée courtesy of Miuccia Prada. – Gedfrey Deeny

It is refreshing to see something like Pitti Uomo where smaller brands can showcase and where there are not many celebrities and massive after parties to steal the limelight.

Smaller brands should showcase at Pitti Immagine and they will stand a better chance of getting noticed.

Pitti Immagine Street Style MenStyleFashion 2019 Florence (12)

Pitti Uomo Italy - The Real Men's Fashion Week

Dinosaur Mentality For On-line

As I walked around the fashion labels at Pitti Uomo I could not fathom how many fashion brands do not have a strong on-line presence. Arcadia Group had to plow $100 million into its fashion empire this week for the very simple reason that its mentality for online was one like a dinosaur that went into extension. They lost out to more nimble and faster online retailers. Arcadia will be ok, as they have the cash to survive.

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Environmental Changes That Some Fashion Brands Are Adopting

Upcycling old clothes that are still in good condition but no longer suit your style could be an option! We can’t forget second-hand clothing from charity stores either… there’s so much on offer that can help solve the international crisis of fast fashion. Some brands explained to me the different processes they are not adopting regarding Denim. They are either using much less water to produce it on average denim takes over 200l of water per garment. Now due to using upcycling of old clothes much less water is used.

What are you doing to save our planet? At Pitti Immagine fashion brands are showcasing the changing ways they create and produce fabrics!

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Anyone And Everyone Is A Fashion Designer

Due to on-line services anyone and everyone can design and put their products on the market. But at Pitti Uomo you have the privilege to showcase, feel, touch and connect with the designers themselves. Networking face to face is still the best way to work with fashion brands.

Pitti Immagine Street Style MenStyleFashion 2019 Florence (12) Pitti Immagine Street Style MenStyleFashion 2019 Florence (12)

Pitti Uomo Press VIP Services

The service for how I was treated here as the press was excellent. A dedicated press room with sit down dinner service is why Pitti Uomo is the best fashion service I have received to date. Wine, Italian food, gelato, and great Italian people servicing me.


Street Style At Pitti Uomo

I am in Italy for a while now and the Italians are the best-dressed people in the world. They don’t need to attend a fashion show or Pitti Immagine because Italians live the lifestyle. We invest in the way we present ourselves in public. But it was nice to see other cultures coming together to showcase their street style. Every image you see in this article was taken by me on my mobile phone.

Sebastien Jondeau the Satorial Engineer replacing Karl Largerfield label.

Sebastien Jondeau the Satorial Engineer replacing Karl Largerfield label.

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It was great to see that Pitti Uomo is still as popular as ever, looking at the waiting list for wannabe exhibitors. The message here was about more care for the environment, and that is needed in an industry that is one of the major polluters in our world.

I love its accessibility which has been lost at the major Fashion shows. Long it may continue.


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