Prince Harry Styles – No Mexit Will Ever Control

Prince Harry Styles – No Mexit Will Ever Control

The Duke of Sussex has been giving us all kinds of outfit inspiration in 2021. Find out more about his style here. It came as no surprise when I saw Prince Harry wear his classic white shirt attire sitting alongside Meghan Markle at the interview with Oprah Winfrey. Noticed there was no tie worn, gives a relaxed Harry style’s new message of freedom. It’s clear no Mexit  let alone  American was ever going to change the five Harry styles we are accustomed to seeing the Prince trend.

It’s a royal protocol for Prince Harry one of the members of the royal family to stick to his signature styles.

Prince-Harry Styles---No-Mexit-Will-Ever-Change-Megham-Markle-2021-Mexit-(3)

Class White Fitted Shirt

If you take a close look at Prince Harry whether it’s attending the commonwealth day service, red carpet events, Mountbatten Festival of music here is always wearing a classic fitted white shirt.

classic white fitted shirt Prince harry

It seems it’s part of a uniform attire even when he is at Westminster Abbey, any ceremony, or a movie premiere. Prince Harry is always wearing a white fitted shirt.

classic white fitted shirt Prince harry

Even at the royal wedding at Windsor Prince Harry never steered away from his classic fitted white shirts. On all his royal tour events he always wore a classic white fitted shirt. Make sure you do some royal military situps when trending a white classic fitted shirt.

Prince-Harry Styles---No-Mexit-Will-Ever-Change-Megham-Markle-2021-Mexit-(3) classic white shirt

At his tell-all interview this week, his other signature attire is wingtip derby suede shoes. On this occasion Prince Harry wore grey. Harry also opts for the dark navy, beige, and chestnut brown depending on his chino style.

Wingtip Derby Suede Shoes grey

He is tall and these styles of shoes are part of his wardrobes when on tour. It seems no matter where he goes either in Toronto, California or Hollywood. The Duchess of Sussex has no power over these different shades of wingtip derby suede shoes. If the royal status is what you are seeking make sure you learn to pronounce the derby shoe.  (UK: /ˈdɑːrbi/ ( listen) DAR-bee, US: /ˈdɜːrbi/ DUR-bee; also called gibson) It is a style of boot or shoe with shoelace eyelets that are sewn on top of the vamp or also known as an open lacing.

Wingtip Derby Suede Shoes

Wingtip shoes are made by a leather overlay on the toe that makes a W shape (or a wing shape). Its resemblance to the wings of a bird is how it gets its name. Prince Harry is flying solo these days living in America. For Prince Harry, the wingtip derby shoes are part of his military uniforms. He is now working for himself, so wearing wingtip shoes is a classic message of the working class looks in British menswear.

Navy Blue Polo Shirt

I noticed when he was at the Invictus games or many public engagement outings his polo navy shirt was worn. He plays Polo and it is part of his royal lifestyle when playing in the UK or London. Horses are part of the royal family protocol.

Navy Blue Polo Shirt

Prince Harry wore a navy blue polo shirt when been interviewed with James Corden, the host of a late-night show. Harry style’s was a relaxed casual message to the world. I am enough, I am Harry.

I saw Prince Harry at the Audi Polo charity event.


Navy Blue Polo Shirt

Beige Or Navy Chino

Prince Harry is always seen wearing lightweight slim chinos in light beige. These pants are comfortable suited for everyday wear and can be worn even in September or October. They are popular across the globe including Canada. Harry likes to wear them as one of his many trousers in public even when holding his son Archie. Even his brother Prince William and other British Royal family members are seen wearing chino’s.

Prince harry chino style

Prince harry chino style Prince harry chino style


His choice of a grey suit during his interview with Oprah Winfrey is a message of classic British tailoring. In the past, Prince Harry and the other members of the British Royal family would always order their wool bespoke suits from Savile Row. His mother Princess Diana a fashion icon herself always understood the importance of holding on to British heritage when it comes to suits. It’s why luxury fashion houses such as Hearst magazine media often feature the Prince Harry signature styles.

Prince Harry Styles - No Mexit Will Ever Change grey suit (2)

Is this the exact same outfit worn in the most historical interview against the Royal family? A great sustainable message if it is.

Mexit may have worn the pants as an actress in Suits. She clearly is not when it comes to Prince Harry’s suit styles.

Prince Harry Styles - No Mexit Will Ever Change grey suit (2)

In uncertain times such as whether Prince Harry will continue to hold his royal title is unknown. When it comes to the media spotlight, like watching a performance at the Royal Albert Hall. No Mexit will ever have the power to change or dare to challenge his five fashion capsule attire.   That is an all-season certainty.

What is Savile Row?

Prince Harry - New York 2013

It is refreshing to see unlike above, His suits are fitted. Listen to why the British Royal family choose to get their bespoke suits made from Savile Row a famous street in London where men go for luxury suits.  When you do get a tailored fit suit for any occasion make sure you share it with us on your Instagram account.

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