Football dominates the news and social situations. One trend at the moment is vintage football shirts flooding the market. With sites such as Classic Football Shirts selling original shirts all over the world, there is a real buzz and fashion around wearing old football shirts. Before shirts were filled with list of betting sites on their shirts, teams would have one sponsor and that sponsor has lived on in infamy. Just say the names of Sharp, JVC, Carlsberg and Newcastle Brown Ale and fans will immediately know what shirt you are on about.

This does not just stop at the regular fan who wears it to the game in fact current players have donned the shirt of either their current team or even an ex-team. However, which current player has pulled off the vintage shirt the best?

Memphis Depay (@memphisdepay)

memphis depay in Beckham shirt

Depay is no stranger to this game as he has pulled off some sensational vintage shirts. Showcasing many Manchester United shirts from the 1990s including shirts with the names such as Beckham and Cantona on the back. Depay did play for United but things did not work out as they should have but he still clearly has a lot of love for the club.

Depay can also be seen wearing his national colours on occasions as well.

Gregory van der Wiel (@gregoryvanderwiel)

gregory van der wiel

Another Dutchman on the list who has worn the shirt with Cantona on the back. Having only recently retired from the game, van der Wiel still clearly has a passion for it as he was pictured on the way to a Toronto FC match wearing the shirt of the Red Devils in 2018. He looked cool, calm and collected much like the man whose name was on the back of his shirt.

The former right-back was also spotted wearing the Juventus silver away shirt from 2009/10 at a game earlier in the season.

Reece James (@reecejames)

The England and Chelsea full back has been used in promotional pictures wearing classic football shirts. He was pictured in the Chelsea 99/01 shirt and the England 1990 third kit. James pulled off both shirts with expert style and lead many to state that these kits need to be used once again.

Hector Bellerin (@hectorbellerin)

bellerin vintage betis shirt

It is possible that Hector Bellerin is the coolest footballer to ever exist. Arsenal has produced some excellent shirts over the years and it is clear that the designers are looking at those classic designs when they are creating the new Arsenal kit. However, Bellerin only needs the vintage ones with his floppy hair and moustache. The best that Bellerin has been seen wearing is the 1991-93 Arsenal away shirt.

Bellerin has also been spotted wearing Real Betis shirt from 1996/97 with rolled-up sleeves adding more ice to the picture.

Mo Salah (@mosalah)

Salah was used, obviously, for a promotional shoot where he was pictured in the classic grey Liverpool shirt with Candy sponsorship. Made famous by the likes of John Barnes and Ian Rush, fans were clamouring for another grey shirt return with Salah leading the way.