Randy Cow Swim Shorts – The Sustainable Fashion Brand

Randy Cow Swim Shorts – The Sustainable Fashion Brand

A wise man once said, ‘whatever you do in life is insignificant, but it’s important you do it’. Well, Mr. Ghandi, Randy Cow is doing it and they are doing it right.

Countless hours spent checking dudes out at the beach.  Days of staring at the world for inspiration. Weeks of feeling fabrics, textiles, and derrières.  All brought together with a little bit of spice from the team at Randy Cow HQ.

Randy Cow Swim Shorts – The Sustainable Fashion Brand

Revolutionary Waterproof Pocket

Randy Cow’s collection of men’s swim shorts are made with 90% recycled plastic (12 bottles are repurposed into every pair) and 10% Spandex for stretch and comfort.  They are all complimented with a revolutionary waterproof pocket to keep your valuables safe and dry, down to 30 meters.

Each pair of shorts has been lovingly made by a crack team of scientists who have put their heads together to make magic happen.  The result is the comfiest, most stylish, and frankly awesome pair of men’s swim shorts.

Randy Cow Swim Shorts – The Sustainable Fashion Brand

Patterned Shorts

Randy Cow swim shorts are straight-up sexy.  Their big bold colours and stunningly inked patterns are perfectly finished with signature navy pockets.

Undeniably adorable, sea turtles are the coolest dudes of the deep, which is also true of Randy Cow’s crowd-pleasing design.  Raise your game as the big-eyed little fellas catch everyone’s attention from the get-go.

Not having to evolve because you were born awesome, is a trait so true to the shark.  Brought to life in a deep blueprint, lord it up in Randy Cow’s shark shorts at the pool or at the bar.

After rising to fame in the 1983 James Bond film, the octopus is no stranger to danger – or predicting football results. This eight-legged boss is a firm favourite in Randy Cow pink.

Anchors in great watercolor and ink print, offset against the signature navy pockets, scream sophistication and wisdom beyond your years, whilst subtly giving the nod to historical journeys made in the quest for better swim shorts.  This ‘old faithful’ pattern has earned the Randy makeover.

Randy Cow Swim Shorts – The Sustainable Fashion Brand

Awesome Colours

Randy Cow shorts also come in cool block colours.

The little lemons will have you rocketing to the top of the popular list, and there ain’t nothing baby about real men rocking out the baby blue.  Even though Randy Cow’s darkest shorts look black, they are charcoal (because they said so).

‘Aqua’ and ‘Marine’ basically means ‘water water’.  So regardless of how this teal-Esque color will bring out your eyes, a pair of swim shorts called ‘Water Water’ deserves to have its aquamarine destiny fulfilled in the sea or the pool – they want to get wet.

The King (or Queen) of the summer fruits is alive and proudly fuelling Randy Cow’s raspberry swim shorts.  Couple these stunning pink shorts with a crisp white shirt and this look is a real show stopper for any beach club.

Pure as the driven snow, classic white swim shorts oozing sophistication and innocence pop to life and complete the spring/summer 2020 collection.

Randy Cow Swim Shorts – The Sustainable Fashion Brand


Made From Recycled Plastic Bottles Safely

Randy Cow cares about you, they care about the future, and they care about the planet.  With all their packaging completely free from single-use plastics, Randy Cow has also reduced the amount of plastic in which their products are delivered.

First, plastic is collected, any paper is removed, and then this all gets sorted so that the clear bottles are ready to be processed.  The prepared clear plastic is ground, cut, and broken down into small chips.  These are then melted down and processed into the first phase material.  Next, the newly created material is picked apart and re-processed into a finer thread – polyester.  The new polyester thread is combined with 10% Spandex, producing the material used to make these awesome shorts.

Randy Cow Swim Shorts – The Sustainable Fashion Brand

Join The Herd

Randy Cow is delivering top-notch beachwear products and the ultimate customer journey across the globe, whilst doing their bit for planet earth.

Revolutionary waterproof solutions and stunning designs set these products apart from the crowd. And behind the scenes, when they stop pranking one another, the Founding Farmers are working out how to make things a little bit better and quite a bit more fun for all.

Start your journey today and join the movement.

RRP £75.00 per pair of swim shorts with free shipping in the UK – from www.RandyCow.com

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