Billabong Boardshorts – Which Ones to Choose for Summer

Billabong Boardshorts – Which Ones to Choose for Summer

Billabong Boardshorts

Billabong boardshorts continue to dominate the fashion world when it comes to men’s swimwear. Its current collection represents the cool dude image this summer. Let’s face it anyone wearing Bob Marley shorts, can’t go wrong? Not too mention the Goth collection, which will be very impressive as I have never seen a Goth man take his black denim jeans off in surf public yet?

The playful fabrics entice you to smile every time you look at them and it’s refreshing to see unique prints for this label.

The Billabong boardshorts are made from the toughest materials and have been tried and tested in the biggest waves and the toughest crowds, each time guaranteeing results of durability and respect. Each pair of Billabong board shorts has been made to perfection and this can be shown and felt whilst wearing a pair.

So whatever image you are, it will be clearly represented simply by the Billabong boardshorts you shall be wearing on the beach. From the vast collection, I think the ones below are the one to go for this summer.

Andy Davies & Billabong

Billabong has partnered with San Diego surf artist Andy Davis on a clothing range celebrating the fun and funk of surfing’s bohemian lifestyle. Davis has carved a popular niche in the surf world via his stylized illustrations depicting the joy and camaraderie of the surfing life. See here the shorts of the Andy Davies collection.

billabong andy davis collaboration

billabong boardshorts andy davis


Bob Marley Collection

Surfers, Rasta, and reggae music are a perfect combination. Show your style with these two shorts.

Billabong boardshorts 2012 bob marley collection


Board shorts with Stripes

Slightly more conservative but style very fashionable are these shorts with stripes. Either Horizontal or vertical.

Billabong boardshorts 2012 stripes

Goth Style meets Water

I do like this pair where Goth Style meets water. Very brave design but I do think it will sell very well.

Billabong boardshorts 2012 goth style

Colourful Messy Look

Here some kind of patchwork and flowery style shorts. As you see the Billabong collection is vast in different styles.

Billabong boardshorts 2012 colourful

Checkered Meets Dots

My personal favourites are these checkered shorts with dots over them.

Billabong boardshorts 2012 checkered style with dots

Checkered Style Shorts

Checkered is the style for 2012 and Billabong has captured this with these shorts below.

Billabong boardshorts 2012 checkered style

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