The Red Oxford Shoes

Oxford shoes. One of the most classic and elegant lace up dress shoes. Since the 19th century the original Oxford shoes have accepted plenty of changes as soon as they adopted today’s style.


Due to the fact that it is the most formal type of shoe, Oxfords can be worn with almost everything from a tuxedo to business or casual looks. The one features that separates Oxford shoes from Derbies or other types of lace up shoes is the closed lace system.


Today, I chose to present you with a pair of red Wingtip Oxfords. Wingtip Oxford shoes are considered to be most casual form and they are characterized by the low wings that reach around the side of the shoe. This exact design has no decorative perforations that describe the Brogue Shoes.


Oxford shoes are my favorite lace up shoes. They are classic and I can wear them on any occasion, with any outfit. They are almost always extremely comfortable too, as they are usually handmade. The bespoke red Oxfords I am presenting you today on It’s a MAN’s Class, are handmade by Ioannis Karagiorgos. I chose red because, despite the fact that it is a bold color, if you wear it right it can add a little more to your outfit. What makes these shoes even more interesting is the mixture of leather types, as the red suede matches perfectly with the blue patent details.


In order to balance my outfit, and not to have a loud result, I combined the red Oxford shoes with grey flannel pants and a plain white shirt. An all-day classic outfit with an appealing touch.

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