Decades before we started using the latest 5 bladed cartridge razor, electric shavers, and multi-blade disposables great men like your grandfather got by with shaving in an entirely different way. Their method of shaving involved two main types of razors.

One is the straight edge razors that you may have seen in older images. The second method is wet shaving with a safety razor. There’s a reason safety razors are coming back in a big way and you should learn to use them.

Safety Razors - What’s The Difference?

What’s Different About Safety Razors

Safety razors are going to be completely different than any other type of shaver you’ve used before. There are butterfly safety razors and 3 piece designs which refer to the method used to replace the blades. You see, these razors only use 1 single blade to shave and with this single blade, you’ll get a better shave over the modern-day alternatives.

There’s a small learning curve with a safety razor but there’s honestly not much to it. If you’re new to these then grab yourself a standard butterfly safety razor. The real key is learning the angle to shave at which is at a 30-degree angle.

The only other thing you’ll need to learn is how to mix up a lather but it’s very simple. You can even start off with shave oil instead to judge if you like the safety razor. If you enjoy the shave you get with a shave oil, then move on to learning to mix up a lather.

The main reason a lot of people are going back to safety razors is that they’re much cheaper. You’ll spend $10 and get 100 replacement blades for a safety razor. Compare that to what you’re paying for replacement cartridges for your “modern razor”.

Safety Razors - What’s The Difference?

Aren’t More Blades Better?

With each blade on your razor, it’s counting as a pass when you shave. With a 5-bladed cartridge razor, one stroke across the skin counts for 5 blade passes. This is where they claim you’re getting a closer shave, but it’s only a marketing ploy to sell more razors.

In fact, if you experience irritation from shaving you need the direct opposite of more blades. The fewer passes a blade makes across the skin the less likely you are to get skin irritation.

With a safety razor, you’re making a single pass each time. You’ll quickly learn that you don’t need as many blades as you thought. You’ll get a smoother closer shave with a safety razor and experience less skin irritation.

Safety Razors - What’s The Difference?

Before You Go!

I hope I could shed a little light on the art of wet shaving with a safety razor. It can become more than a better way to shave but an experience you can share with your children. It’s easy to get going and can become addictive. You may end up like me and collect some of the really cool razors out there.

Make sure to leave us a comment with your thoughts on safety razors. Do you already shave this way or think you’ll give it a shot? Thanks for reading!

Safety Razors - What’s The Difference?