Beard Hair Transplant – The Pros And Cons

Beard Hair Transplant – The Pros And Cons


Pros & Cons of Beard Transplant

Beard hair transplant is a procedure used to increase the density of beard or rather it is a procedure that restores hair because the hair is either thin or missing from the skin. It is an increasingly common trend among men. Just like this one, other examples of facial hair transplant include moustache, goatee, sideburn and eyebrows transplant. The results of these procedures highly depend on the skill of the surgeon carrying out the procedure. This transplant is lately the only permanent solution for a person with scarce facial hair, facial scars or patchiness. Many men are opting for this procedure because for many different cultures, facial hair has been perceived as an outward sign of masculinity and prestige. They are also following this trend because it enhances versatility that is, they can change their look whenever they like.

Things you should know before having a beard hair transplant

Before taking a beard hair transplant, there are things you should know. First, the cost of the procedure can be quite outrageous for anyone on a budget. This is because it is more costly than other procedures like eye surgery. But for someone who wants a dense beard, it is nothing compared to the satisfaction they have after the procedure. You can also dictate how you want your new beard to look. For the procedure to be a success, it is good to know that you will have to sacrifice some hair from either the back or side of your scalp. Additionally, you should know that the transplanted hair falls out later but grows again after a few months. There is also a probability of you having to take a sick day; the procedure takes some hours but does not require another round. Another exciting thing to know about the procedure is that it actually works and will surely boost your confidence. Finally, you should know that you cannot be a beard donor because it is very hard to find a perfect hair match.


How the procedure works

Different procedures take different amount of time. This is because of the varying work load. The procedures could take about three and nine hours depending on the area being worked on and the amount of hair required. For example, a goatee may require about 1500 hairs while a full beard will require about 4000 hairs. The goatee transplant will therefore take less time than the full beard transplant.

Using the FUE procedure, the surgeon first locates a part of the head that is stable. It could be the side or back part of the head. Once the part is located, it is used as the donor area for the beard. In case the patient is balding or is completely bald, body hair such as the chest hair could be used as the donor area for the beard. When the donor area is located, each hair is taken out one at a time. Here the size of the tools used will depend on the size of the follicles required. Usually, this part of the procedure is done very discretely and it is very hard to notice the change. When the extraction of hair is completed, a local anesthetic is administered to the area where hair is being implanted. The extracted hairs are then implanted, one follicle at a time, and at the right angle to give a dense and natural look.

Another procedure called the FUT involves extracting the hair follicles and then creating hundreds of tiny grants, which look natural, ready to be implanted. In both the procedures, the surgeon makes sure that scarring is kept to a minimum. This is to allow hair to grow through the scar tissue ensuring there will be no hair loss in that area.


The expected results are supposed to be permanent and look very natural. The difference too is noticeable immediately after completion the procedure. It is expected that growth of the beard will begin and continue to grow as it does on the rest of the beard. More so, full results are expected after a few months.


The price of these transplant procedures depends on how much hair you already have and the results that are expected. Protection Status

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