Serengeti Eyewear – Fashion And Lifestyle Trends

Serengeti Eyewear – Fashion And Lifestyle Trends

Sunglasses add a dash of mystery to your style. They conceal your eyes and make you enigmatic as if you’re hiding a secret. People love secrets; they are naturally curious. You will draw attention if you have a pair of sunnies on you.

When purchasing sunglasses, you must first consider the shape of your head. Some types of sunglasses fit certain countenances better, while others will just look off. The former has a subtle effect on people; most may just compliment you on how good looking you are.

Sunglasses don’t even need to be worn to be stylish. You can just let them hang on your collar or rest them on the top of your head.

Unique 3 In 1 Lens The Most Advanced Eyewear Technology

Serengeti is a pioneer in the development of photochromic technology. Darkening in bright sunlight and lightening in overcast conditions, Photochromic technology allows my eyes to adapt to any light, anywhere. The result is a view of the world so crystal clear, I notice natural beauty  I’ve never seen before. This technology is molecularly infused into every Serengeti lens.

Nowadays, eyewear brands talk more and more about the advantage of filtering blue light. Included in the lenses since the creation of the brand 45years ago, Spectral Control technology protects from blue light but goes further. It filters specific light wavelengths, sharpening the way I see colour contrast and improving visual definition. Much like an audio equalizer filters sound frequency, the lens fine-tunes shortwave blue light, the primary cause of atmospheric glare. I find as a result it provides the most vivid, balanced and natural colours without my eyes feeling fatigued.

Serengeti’s Polarizing technology suppresses glare and sets my eyes-free, releasing them to enjoy all the depth and beauty the world has to offer. Like the glare reflecting off the ocean or the road, parallel light rays pass through unhindered, but distracting perpendicular light is reflected.

Serengeti Eyewear - Fashion And Lifestyle Trends

Serengeti Eyewear - Fashion And Lifestyle Trends

Serengeti’s unique 3 in 1 lens technology delivers crisp, sharp vision offering superior clarity and colour balance. Serengeti has always maintained a strong and close relationship with driving and Serengeti lenses is well known amongst many racing car drivers. Its environment thanks to its famous Drivers lens created specifically to enhance contrast and definition, its pilot  shapes and its aim of making people (re)discover the world and what’s around them not us.

For the past 3 years, Serengeti has been reinforcing its DNA and passion for driving with the 24H Le Mans. With their shared commitments to timelessness, history, innovation and performance, this partnership seemed to be a natural match.

You can listen to why Giancarlo Fisichella the racing car driver, chooses to wear them both on and off the track.

Serengeti Eyewear - Fashion And Lifestyle Trends Serengeti Eyewear - Fashion And Lifestyle Trends

The inspiration for this collection and the desire to highlight all its strength was derived from the circuit track itself.

For over a century, Serengeti has considered every detail, assessed every aspect of its lenses, frames and aesthetic design to make them the most advanced eyewear on the market.
This is more than passion. This is what drives the brand to stand out from the rest.

Serengeti Eyewear - Fashion And Lifestyle Trends

Serengeti Andrea

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