Serengeti Eyewear – Leandro Glacier

Serengeti Eyewear – Leandro Glacier

As eyewear trends continue there is a lense that MenStyeFashion has used for many years now. Ensuring the sharpest perception of the surroundings is more than a vision for Serengeti. MenStyleFashion chooses to wear Serengeti due to its high-end lenses that are considered to be the highest performing lenses in the world, the brand offers 8 mineral lens tints that are specifically engineered to reveal the best in specific environments. We value and respect that Serengeti has developed a unique lens tint, Sedona and the combination of this rose-coloured lens and Leandro’s modern Glacier design is the perfect mix between technology and style.


The Sedona lens is perfect for harsh light conditions and features Serengeti’s unique mix of Photochromic, Spectral Control® and Polarizing technologies. Landscapes become defined, vibrant and vivid while your eyes remain cool and relaxed.


With its frame made out of Nylon TR90 and sublimated by an elegant stainless-steel bridge, the Leandro’s sleek finish and extra light weight provide the ultimate in comfort. This year the weather has an unpredictability that one can’t fathom around the globe for 2019. So thanks to the key feature of this frame are its removable magnetic shields that allow them to be worn all year round. The clever us of being made of genuine leather, means they protect their wearer against any type of glare and light from entering the eyes from the sides. Regarding the fashion element this brings a touch of modernity and chic to this Glacier look.

RRP £224. Protection Status

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