It has been a very long time since I have sat behind the Audi Q2 SUV. I reviewed this compact SUV at its launch in Zurich a couple of years ago, and I was keen to know how the faster SQ2 model would drive. What better way to explore it than at the Lake District on the Easter holiday, where every man and his dog decides to drive the same hair raising routes. This is one of the busiest time of the year to be driving amongst the biggest SUVs and the endless narrow roads on many occasions left me pretty stressed out.

I just handed back the keys driving for a week in the same area in a Bentley Bentayga. Don’t drive a Bentayga here on narrow roads. This view below was taken by me driving the Audi there is no way a huge SUV could drive these roads. Well, I could have driven here but the Bentayga would have got a whole new exterior design look in seconds.

Lake District Cumbria (2)

Ullswater the 2nd largest lake in the English Lake District

Engine Power

You can imagine how I was feeling after driving a V8 engined Bentayga, I thought this Audi SQ2 was going to be really slow and boring. I was brutally wrong from the onset. As I ungraciously drove off at Cedar Manor on an inviting stone gravel surface, I didn’t expect wheels to be spinning and me to have one hell of a kickback in take-off mode. I suddenly braked again wheels sliding here and there and thought to myself. Regroup and don’t underestimate this Audi SQ2, it was Audi sport after all.

Audi SQ2 SUV Grey MenStyleFashion 2019 Lake District (1)

Cedar Manor – Windermere

I didn’t read the specifications and then to find out that this car was a tad slower (4.8 sec form 0-62 mph) than the Lexus LC500 V8 (4.7 sec from -62 mph) I was about to pick up. Yes for the first time I was driving two cars, I was going glamping and wanted to put this AudiSQ2 to some off-road testing.

Lake District

The setting combined with the narrow roads is why this Audi SQ2 is perfect to drive around, especially the Kirkstone pass, which is windy and is the highest pass in the area. The SQ2 is fast, nippy and looks fancy in grey. Constant feedback throughout our week was that the public loved the look and the colour. I noticed a lot of head turns, especially from males who probably wanted to count the number of exhaust pipes, 4 is the magic number now. The sound of the exhaust was deep and the good thank God it did not have additional bangs and pops, leave that for the boy racer favourite, the Ford Focus RS.

Audi SQ2 SUV Grey MenStyleFashion 2019 Lake District (1) Audi SQ2 SUV Grey MenStyleFashion 2019 Lake District (1)

When driving around the Lake District oncoming traffic within narrow roads is stressing and challenging. On some occasions the oncoming vehicles were so close to me I thought the end result was a new exterior design a very scratched Audi. But its easy movability and easy to reverse mode, I began to full in love with its versatility. It belonged in this terrain and I felt funky driving it.

Lake District Cumbria (2)

Lake District

At Easter in any part of the UK finding a parking space is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. However, the size was perfect I could park it anywhere and everywhere without damaging underneath the car.

Due to its speed when I did see a parking space I could put it in Attack Mode and get my parking slot.

Audi SQ2

Boot Space

I was really impressed with the boot space in retrospect of the size generally I could fit all my luggage and my families too.

Audi SQ2 boot space

Interior Design

As it was Audi sport the seats looked good but overall I found them uncomfortable. To be fair Bentley’s leather heated seating with massage options didn’t help. But overall I drove these long distances and had to stop to stretch my back. The seats were just too hard for my liking.

The gear stick was functional, basic looking but this is a basic model priced at £37,000 so I do appreciate with more cash I could get a more tailored specification to my personality.

Audi SQ2

Nice to have the iconic sport design steering wheel makes the driving experience fun.

GPS And Technology

I never can complain about one thing here in an Audi. The navigation is easy to use and responsive.

Love the phone wireless charging option and when I am about to step out of the car. A friendly voice reminds me I have left my phone in the car, now that is a sublime lifestyle feature.


Swinton Estate – Swinton Bivouac Glamping

I was glamping at Swinton Bivouac, the narrow wall entrance coming into  Swinton Estate was not an issue with this SQ2. This Estate has 22,000acres of on and off-road adventures to encounter. Whilst driving around the castle wall the braking was put on overdrive in the SQ2. The roads are bumpy, lots of traffic and I encountered plenty of water and endless wildlife that was jumping in front of me.

Swinton Estate

It is the perfect, nippy car to drive around this estate again lots of narrow roads, busy traffic, and unknown obstacles were easily overcome in this SUV. I had so much fun driving and testing the car.


The car matched the Swinton Estate grey decor and is the appropriate everyday lifestyle car to go and have a spa treatment.

audi SQ2

Revision Mirror

Mirrors I am finding in cars for 2019 are a real hit and miss regarding visibility. It is one of the most important features of cars. The mirrors were large and it was nice and big for some stunning lifestyle photography shots here in Norfolk.

audiSQ2- audiSQ2-


The Audi SQ2 is a great SUV for that sporty inclined personality. The 300 horsepowers in this car make it so easy to overtake cars, the acceleration is very addictive and the makes me want to push that accelerator down. When cruising on highways I found that the Audi SQ2 is surprising economical at 34 mpg. I drove the basic model and yes true to Audi style there are a lot of things that are not included in the price, like folding mirrors or a good sounding stereo. For an everyday city car with some slight off-road abilities, the Audi SQ2 ticks all the lifestyle boxes.