In 2018, men are venturing out for bespoke shirts, especially when it comes to red carpet events or weddings. Why would a man go through such lengthy procedures?

Using the finest Italian fabrics to make its shirts, some companies hava a refined offer that ensures style conscious consumers get beautifully designed and fitted shirts, just as they want, from anywhere in the world. So what goes into making a bespoke shirt?

It all starts with the fitting. Customers are involved in every step of the process which begins by choosing the shirting fabric. The material is woven by eponymous labels like Thomas Mason, David and John Anderson, Canclini, Grandi Rubineli, Textiber and Sidogras. Thomas Mason, for example is widely known to have the best and most exclusive shirting fabrics in the world and has been worn by James Bond.

To tailor make the highest quality shirts and give customers over 200 fabrics to choose from.

To design their shirt, customers add their very own personalised touches such as collar type, cuffs, buttons, contrasts and even embroidered initials. All these individual elements come together to create truly bespoke designer shirts not to be found anywhere else. After all a wedding or a red carpet event doesn’t happen every day.

Shirt - How A Bespoke Shirt Is Made!


Once the fitting measurements and shirting choices have been made, the order is sent to be reviewed by expert tailors. They hand-cut and stitch the shirt at their workshop to ensure the quality workmanship. The tailoring takes up to two weeks and after passing exhaustive quality controls, the shirt will be delivered a week later in the UK/EU.

Some brands operate, a 100% fit guarantee to assure customers of a perfectly fitting shirt. If it doesn’t fit in any way, it is remade completely free of charge, to the customer’s satisfaction. Can you spot the difference? Of course, you can!

Shirt - How A Bespoke Shirt Is Made!

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