As sports clubs rely more and more on sponsorship to stay afloat, E-C brands have slowly begun to introduce funding into games as a way of building their brands. Since 2015, Wolverhampton Wanderers were one of the first sports clubs to sign a sponsorship deal with an E-C company, introducing personalised SKYCIG’s to their club-shop and allowing them to use them at selected areas around the stadium, while Derby County signed a sponsorship agreement with E-Lites and had even offered samples to fans at their Pride Park ground.

On top of this, in 2015 there was controversy as Rugby League club Warrington Wolves lifted the ecig ban at their Halliwell Jones stadium but only after striking a lucrative sponsorship deal with Truvape Electronic Cigarettes.

Commenting on the deal and reversal of the ban, Alex Wilson, Wolves commercial manager said in an interview with Warrington Worldwide:

“As a percentage of our fans are already smokers, we are pleased to be able to encourage them to consider switching to alternatives by allowing vaping in certain areas of the stadium, as well as providing a branded vapouriser that can be purchased on site.We initially introduced the vaping ban as a ‘just in case’ measure, but are now happy to reverse this as more news on the industry comes to light.”


Vape Starter Kit - The Healthy and Affordable Option

Vaper Starter Kits – The Healthy Option

As the health implications around the use of ecigs and vaping products remain a grey area, and both sides battle for clearer regulations on use, for now the decision remains in the hands of sports clubs to use their discretion on the use of ecig. In 2018, There are so many reasons to leave cigarettes behind and replace them with ecig starter kits. Smoking is always going to be a personal choice and no matter how hard organisations try to highlight the implications of smoking. More so than ever gyms and sporting organisations are being very creative in using the marketing power ecig has in 2018.

For example, the health benefits are enormous: instantly cut out hundreds of toxins and the tobacco associated with smoking cigarettes and pick up one of our starter kits instead.

So if you are hardcore in giving up smoking, and choose the ecig lifestyle. Then it’s important to buy into brands that you can trust. So not to run out of puff, take the time to invest in some vaping mods.

Vape Starter Kit - The Healthy and Affordable Option