Shocking Ways Engineered Garments Will Make You A Better Bachelor

Shocking Ways Engineered Garments Will Make You A Better Bachelor

They say bachelor life is crazy, and the truth is, they’re not wrong. Thankfully, Daiki Suzuki, a Japanese-American designer noticed that, and whether it is by sheer luck or other factors, he created Engineered Garments. It is a fashion design company that puts an original touch on existing styles of clothing. From what we’ve seen, these designs have a lot of potentials. Here is how they can make you a better bachelor.

They Set You Apart from The Pack

While some people like the familiar, some can’t help but get attracted to the unfamiliar. Engineered Garments’ designs are the sort of unique that arouses curiosity within onlookers without intimidating them. Not to mention, they are extremely simple that you won’t be feeling like an overdressed snob for wearing them. One of the things that people are really put off by being someone who tries too hard to impress. With the simplicity and style of Engineered Garments’ designs, you won’t have to worry about these things because while they make you look good and unique, they can’t give off the vibe that you’re trying too hard.


They Help You Feel More Comfortable

Some may wonder about this point; if being comfortable makes you a better bachelor, then why don’t I just go out with pyjamas?  Well, here’s the thing. First of all, there is always a ratio between looking good and being comfortable. To become a better bachelor, you need a bit of both. Most focus on looking good, but, they forget that what mainly attracts people is personality, body language and attitude. If you look at design samples from Engineered Garments, you’ll realize that they not only make you look good but, they give a great amount of comfort which is essential. If you’re not comfortable, you’re probably going to be too pre-occupied and on-guard that you won’t let your personality show. Being a better person in general means that you lower your guards a little bit.

They Reflect Your Identity

Clothes are considered a mean of self-expression. The outfits you’re wearing give out information about who you are as an individual. Engineered Garments, as the name suggests, are carefully engineered, with attention being put into the tiniest of details. Furthermore, they are characterized by their unique and out-of-the-box patterns. When you put such a twist on something that is familiar, you can’t help but give off the vibe that you’re a person with a mysterious and intriguing side; yet, you also care for aesthetics. This is one of the rare combinations that people often look for in a person.

Having read the article, there is one thing you need to keep in mind. If something that you’re wearing doesn’t make you feel like yourself, you shouldn’t try to force it upon yourself just because it makes you look good. While it will make you look good; while it may attract people to you, they won’t let you be yourself enough to keep those people around. With that being said, good luck on your journey to becoming a better bachelor. Protection Status

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