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Tuxedo shirts are known for their style, comfort, and elegance. So refined are these shirts that they are suitable for all formal occasions and black tie events. It is a staple that should never miss in any man’s wardrobe. Their design allows for effortless coordination with modern slim fit tuxedos, tuxedo jackets, as well as tailored separates such as pants.

At Hockerty, we offer you an endless collection of tuxedo shirts, thus giving you the versatility to choose your absolute favorites, and we allow you to complete your attire with cummerbunds, cufflinks, and stud buttons. Ours is a one-stop shop for all your tuxedo shirt needs.

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Why Get your Tuxedo

Many are the online stores selling tuxedos, and in as much as we are not claiming prominence above all, we guarantee to offer you nothing but the very best, in terms of size, fit and quality. If you are still doubting if we are the right store for you to get top quality tuxedos, then here is a look at some of the unique features that set us apart from the rest-:

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Made to Measure Shirts

We have custom-tailored shirts guaranteed to give you the perfect fit. This is not the place where you walk and buy ready-made shirts that may turn to be complete fashion disasters. We take your measurements so that you have the perfect tuxedo dress shirt that will make you stand out during that special day of your life or the black-tie event you have been planning on attending.

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3D Online Designs

At Hockerty, we are a reputable 3D online designers ready to take up all the responsibility of your online tailor so that your grooming will always be on point. We know how difficult it is to get great designers who will get the job done at an affordable rate, and this is why we present ourselves to you as the best place to consider when you want bespoke tuxedo shirts. We have the technology, experience, and expertise to make you look just as elegant as you want.

Get your Tuxedo Shirt in 4 simple steps

It is our sincere belief that a unique wardrobe should be accessible to everyone. That is why we are on a mission to give you the freedom to choose your own style that will in turn help to reveal your personality through the use of the right outfit. With us, you are only four steps away from rocking one of the best shirts in the world. They include the following-:

  1. Highlight your style – we have designers that will help you personalize your details such as button threads colors, the collar style and color, the cuff styles and color and even add your initials to the shirt.
  2. Select your fabrics – we have hundreds of fabrics and colors for you to choose from. The quality of your shirt will always depend on the types of fabric you choose, and with us, you can choose cotton, Merion Wool, Corduroy, velvet, tweed and many more.
  3. Measure yourself – you are free to take your measurements wherever you are and at any time you want. If you are not sure of the exact measurements you need to input, we have a step by step guide on the website to help you out.
  4. Wait for your shirts – once you are done with the above steps, it will not be upon us to handcraft your garment. Every tuxedo shirt form us is tailor-made from scratch and once we receive your order, we will get to work immediately.

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15 Days Delivery

You will be pleased to know that you will only need to wait for 15 days for your bespoke tuxedo shirt to arrive. You can thus time your order so that it arrives just at the perfect time for that black tie occasion or the special day of your life.

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