Single Parents – Financial Help Tips

Single Parents – Financial Help Tips

There are so many single parents in 2019 and there are many reasons for it. The demand for social media put’s pressure on single parents to keep up with the peer pressure of other parents. The ever bombarding on youtube and other social media platforms your kid’s watch makes life as a single parent very hard.

The pressure is so intense regarding emotional stability it is very difficult to overcome these added blows in life.

So regarding finance what do you do when your ex-partner refuses to help? How do you cope especially when there’s only one monthly paycheck instead of two?

Most of the single parents hard earn cash goes into childcare, which means trying to live a quality life and even putting food on the table is very stressing.


Trying to Save

The impossible mission to save any money as a single parent can be so frustrating and very depressing. Especially when your children are asking for the latest Nintendo game or sports shoes. Every penny that is saved has to go into the bills, the food shop or new fashion items that your children constantly grow out of. In most cases, the clothes and shoes worn are hand me downs. So the peer pressure as a single parent is even more frustrating.  It can be a very humbling experience to have your children compare their second-hand clothing to other kids who are trending the latest in fashion.

Holiday What Holiday

The cost of school lunches, music lessons, and school uniforms are tough and exhausting to keep up with. But what happens when the weekends come around?

Going out adds more expensive when you want to go on fun activities and days out. Seeing other children have taken away food and when you can’t is so heartbreaking for any single parent.

How many times can one take a walk or a day at the beach which is free? But what happens when the latest Disney film comes out which adds more cinema pressure and more cash, you simply don’t have.


It’s worth researching some of these ways you can save money over the year. Just look into whether you qualify and how you can apply. One of the organizations that are really helpful in guiding you as a single parent is payplan

This website goes into full detail ways and tips that encourage and inspire you to take a different approach to finance as a single parent.  It is a well-research site approved and very thorough in making your lifestyle a more positive and affordable one.

There are many useful tips in assisting as a single parent where to spend your hard earn cash wisely. It is a site that also makes it very clear that as a single parent you do not stand alone, there is nothing to be ashamed of and to reach out to other single parents for guidance too.

Life is there for the taking and Payplan is a positive way to make the relevant changes for every single parent. Protection Status

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