Six Things to Do on a Short Break in Stockholm

Six Things to Do on a Short Break in Stockholm

Stockholm could be called the Venice of Scandinavia, as Sweden’s capital city stretches across fourteen islands that are interconnected by canal systems. With a dynamic city centre, historical architecture, fabulous museums, and plenty of lively establishments to visit in the evening, you won’t be short of things to do on a short break to Stockholm.

Royal Palace

The Royal Palace complex in central Stockholm, which mostly dates from the 18th century, is a must-visit. With over 600 rooms, it’s one of the largest European royal palaces, and the King of Sweden still lives there today. On a guided tour, you can explore royal apartments, reception rooms, and the Halls of the Orders of Chivalry. And the complex contains five excellent museums, including the Treasury, where you can view ancient Roman and Greek statues.


In 1891, the first-ever open-air museum on the planet opened in Stockholm. Founded by the academic Artur Hazelius, Skansen shows visitors what life was like prior to the Industrial Age. The world-class museum consists of 30 hectares, where you can explore recreated rural scenes of what Sweden once looked like. You can visit a recreated remote western Härjedalen province, a Sami camp from the Arctic circle, and even an open-air zoo where you’ll find lynxes, otters, wolves, grey seals, reindeer, and many other animals. If you want to feel like you’ve stepped back in time, a visit to Skansen is most definitely recommended.

Casino Cosmopol

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A Canal Trip

Much of Stockholm’s charm comes from its many waterways. So, a short break in the city is not complete without a trip on the water. You can see a lot of Stockholm’s beauty by going on a canal trip. One of the best places to see is the canal called the Djurgårdsbrunnskanalen on the east side of the city. The canal was dug in 1825, during the reign of Charles XIV. As you approach the area, you will come across views of palaces and lush gardens. A canal trip is one of the best ways of exploring Stockholm.

ABBA: The Museum

Many foreigners associate Sweden with only one thing: the country’s biggest pop band, ABBA. They became one of the most commercially successful popular music acts of all time after topping worldwide charts between 1974 and 1982, with hits like Waterloo, Mamma Mia, and Dancing Queen. If you are a fan of the band, you will undoubtedly want to visit ABBA: The Museum. It is overflowing with ABBA memorabilia. One of the most notable pieces in the collection is Benny Anderson’s piano. And you’ll want to check out the museum’s immersive Waterloo exhibition, where you can relive the 1974 Eurovision Song Contest that kickstarted ABBA’s career.

Gamla stan

One of the most striking sites in Stockholm is the colourful Gamla stan. The old town dates back to the 13th century. It officially consists of the island of Stadshilmen, but colloquially, Gamla stan includes the other two surrounding islets. Among the brightly coloured archaic architecture, medieval alleyways and narrow cobbled streets, you will find a number of welcoming restaurants, cafés, bars, bijou boutiques, and museums. And when visiting beautiful Gamla stan, make sure you check out Mårten Trotzigs Gränd, an alley that tapers to only 35 inches across at its narrowest point. You’ll have fun trying to squeeze through, but don’t get stuck! You will also want to visit Stortorget, which is the oldest square in Stockholm and the highest point on Stadshilmen island. Protection Status

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