Social media agency VS freelance work – Which one is the best?

Social media agency VS freelance work – Which one is the best?

A business needs combined efforts of all the resources and a single individual cannot aim for big billion dreams without a proper team. Moreover, it doesn’t matter if you are a genius or has achieved milestones in the industry; you are always incomplete without a proper workforce.

This gives birth to another question which states that when the thing is about social media marketing, is it good to go with a freelancer or social media agency is a good option.

Well, to be brutally honest both of them sucks and what you should choose depends highly on the goals that you want to achieve through the service for your business. Hence, it also becomes dependent on the needs of your business.

Both of the options have their own benefits as well as downfalls and that is why you, as a business need to know about both of the options, their core competencies, their differences, and their benefits as per the business point of view.

Therefore, let us take a look at both options so that you can decide the chosen one with ease. Let’s begin:

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Hiring A Freelancer

This is a highly promising for many people, who are looking for social media marketing services. The providers in this category are usually self-employed and are capable of managing a large number of clients at a time to provide them the service. They work with multiple clients and do everything on their own.

Different freelancers have their own ways to get shit done and they don’t depend on any team for their work. The profit is all theirs and they don’t have to face the expenses of providing salary to someone or to provide cut to people from whom they get their work done.

The major demerit of a freelance provider is that they are not accessible.

Here is a list of benefits associated that you get when you hire a freelancer:

They are affordable

We all know this, freelancers charge extremely lesser than an in-house team. On the other hand, a social media agency requires paying salary to their employees and providing them training as well. That’s why they charge more than a freelance provider.

They are highly flexible

Usually, the freelance service providers are working remotely and that makes them highly flexible with the working hours that you provide4 and 6they can work at any given time that you provide. Moreover, they can also make edits real quick and you don’t need to go through several other peoples like in an agency.

They are independent

As said earlier, freelancers have their own way to get shit done and they have their own strategies to get work done without the need of you pinching them the whole time for getting the work done. However, if your freelancer lives in a country that has a day and night difference from your company then you might face delays in communication.

They are specialized

If you are hiring a freelancer for social media marketing then he will be good at that only will not have any expertise in any other thing since he is a single person and that’s why they will be able to provide the best quality of work for the specific niche.

Hiring a social media agency

A social media agency usually has a dedicated team that will work for you to accomplish your tasks. However, it requires extreme dedication while selecting one and you will also require being willing to do a long term work if you are going for an agency. It has a lot of benefits associated and we will have a look at all of them as follows:

You can get multiple and bulk tasks done

When you are working with a team, you have plenty of employees to get work done from. This way you can blindly trust an agency for your bulk work and can get any work done really fast since the work will be divided equally between the numbers of employees. Therefore, they are better for getting work done faster and in a bulk manner.

They are diverse

The best thing with an agency is that you will be able to work with a diverse group of people in which everyone will have a different type of talent by which you can use any one as per the level of their expertise, This way you can ensure that you will get top-notch work for any kind of project that you want to be done.

They are more manageable

When you work with an agency, you get all the liberty to watch out the work that is being done and point out anything that you find is not going the right way. By this, you can manage the work really well and can determine what you need to do to make the work better and high in quality. Therefore, working with an agency makes it easier for you to manage the work which is being done for you.

They have better communication

The best thing with an agency is that they have a dedicated team for everything that they do. This includes a team for managing the clients like you as well. In this way, you will be able to have active communication every time you want to contact the agency. This is highly beneficial when the task you want to get done is typical and as we all know a good communication always leads to a better quality of work that you can get.


Therefore, it is clear with the above facts that working with a social media agency is much more beneficial than working with a freelancer and all you need to do is pay a little bit more than you pay to a freelancer. In return, you get a lot of better things and advantages that you could never think of while working with a freelancer. Therefore, it is always better to hire an in-house team for your work. That’s all we have for today. Protection Status

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