Social Media Strategy – Why You Need One?

Social Media Strategy – Why You Need One?

Social Media Strategy – Why You Need One!

We all know that social media is used for everything now, at a few clicks you can find out everyone who has been in the venue you went to and what they thought of their experience. So what does this mean for the fashion and beauty industry.

At a click of a button I can find out what fashion bloggers, writers and general consumers think of your new line, whether they would recommend it, what they think of the quality, how the brand has interacted with them and so on and so forth. Never have so many people been able to reach such a wide audience with their opinion.

An example of just how wide the impact of social media can be, this year’s London Fashion Week according to Hootsuite reached an audience of 35,822,334 social network users through mentions and shares.

Brands Need To Recognise Social Media

Brands need to recognise that they can help shape this discussion and ensure their new lines are well received by consumers. A great example of a brand that recognises the importance of social media and bloggers is Guess. Guess has partnered itself with a team of 60 bloggers. It develops these bloggers and regularly promote them across its online channels. In partnering with these bloggers, Guess is ensuring that its watches are not only receiving promotion but that these bloggers understand the vision of the brand.

Guess Fashion 2013

Who Is Immensely Powerful in Terms of Social Media

Another shining example of sheer influence through social networking is Cara Delevingne. Cara has 1,599,096 followers on twitter and 4,948,429 followers on Instagram. By sharing with her self-named ‘Delevingners’, Cara has enabled brands to reach a mass of new consumers. Ed Razek the Senior Creative of Victoria’s Secret comments that Cara is ‘immensely powerful’ in terms of social media. From live tweets backstage to uploading the first ever video selfie from a catwalk, Cara is an example of how brands can reach a huge audience by tapping in to a person’s social media presence.


There is a large amount of talent out there at the moment which is not being utilised. In tapping into talent such as bloggers, brands can create mutually beneficial partnerships. The talent gets some mentoring and exposure whilst the brand shapes the conversation occurring about their brand. From the few examples given in this article it is clear if brands want to thrive in this industry and reach the maximum audience they need to be social media savvy.

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