In the past, new fashion brands relied on word-of-mouth marketing to promote their designs and even launch their brands. The designers mostly used traditional PR and key publications to promote their designs before even setting a launch date. They, therefore, promoted their designs on media mentions and print features. Designers can still use the traditional methods to promote their designs. It is, however, much better for designers to include the latest marketing strategies in their pre-launch plans. 

A designer needs to build a strong presence on social media before launching their brand. The designer can use social media to build their brand and market their business. 

It is essential to build relationships on social media. It, however, takes time and effort for brands to build relationships with their consumers. It is very rare for a brand to start its journey with loyal and committed consumers. Social media is perfect for fostering loyalty. It is, therefore, better for brands to build their social media presence before the launch date. 

Here are the best tips for beginning your social media journey and building strong relationships with your consumers on social media:  

Find Your Voice

It is easy and free to create a YouTube channel, Instagram account, and Facebook page. You do not even need to know what you want to post or share before creating them. The first things your audience will see are your photos and captions. 

Therefore, the first impression is still more important on social media. It is better to work on your content before you post them on social media. You need to post the best content. And you must know what your audience wants. You can go through the profiles of your competitors to see what they share. If the content works for them, they can work for your brand. 

The most desirable brand traits are authenticity, transparency, and honesty. You need to need fit these traits into your social media marketing strategy. Do not, however, spend too much time on this step. If you hesitate to create your social media campaign, you are less likely to increase your pre-orders. If you have one or two weeks to create your social media presence, then use this time well. 

If you create your social media accounts early, you will have more time to grow them before your launch date. You will have more time to build meaningful relationships with your followers and build your YouTube channel fast when you buy YouTube views.

Share Your Story

You know your story better than anyone. Your story can make your brand more unique. It is important to share your story on social media. In fact, there is an article on Forbes supporting using stories to make people respond to your message. The title of the Forbes article is “Science Says, If You Want People to Respond, Tell A Good Story.”

If you want to tell your story, you do not have to sit down to film a long video for your YouTube channel. It does not hurt to share your story on youtube using text to speech that can create a natural-sounding voice-over. It is, however, better to integrate your story into your social media posts.

For example:

You can write about yourself and your business and what you do and share it on your various social media accounts, such as your Facebook page. 

You can answer relevant queries about your business and brand on Instagram live. Remember to save your live videos to IGTV. You will send your future audience to these videos. 

You can create branded photos and save them to your Pinterest boards. 

You can write an article about your passion and vision. 

You can integrate your story into your social media posts on your various social media accounts. If the audience is new to your brand, they can still see your story. Therefore, do not stop sharing your story. 

Build an Image Portfolio

It takes time and effort to create visuals for your social media posts. If you can create a few high-quality images, they can help you establish your brand. If you want your brand to appear professional, you must create professional images. You can even repurpose your visuals across various social media platforms. 

However, if you are not creating high-quality images for your brand, you will find it difficult to grow your audience. Social media users see high-quality content on social media. If you can create creative and high-quality visuals for your social media posts, your brand can resonate with your audience.

It is better to share engagement-worthy videos and images. For instance, you can share studio shots, portraits of your team, sneak peeks of your finished design, behind-the-scenes videos of the design process, and many more.

If you do not want to share your designs, you can ask your photographer to capture your inspiration boards, patterns, colours, and more. All these can help your audience better understand your brand. If your audience feels connected to your brand, they are more likely to remain loyal to your brand. 

You do not have to use written words to convey authenticity. You can also use photos to convey authenticity

Create Your Content Calendar


You now know images are crucial to your social media campaign. It is now time to focus on content calendars. What is a content calendar? It is planning out social media content. If you can create your content calendar, you will never lack something to share or post. 

You can even use various digital programs, such as Tailwind, Later, and Planoly, to schedule your social media posts. If you, however, prefer to manually post your social media posts, you can create a calendar to plan your captions and images. 

A content calendar can even help you create a strategy for your social media posts. It is difficult for your audience to recognize when you post your posts. For instance, you can post your new design every Tuesday and use Instagram stories to share your threads and zippers every Saturday. You can even use a content calendar to create your long-term strategy. Use your strategy to grow your business. 

Interact and Engage

social media engagement

If you are just starting, you will only have a few followers on social media. It is essential to actively reach out and engage with your new followers. They can help you grow on social media. Interactions are, however, not the same on all social media platforms. 

  • Instagram – there are so many opportunities for engaging with your audience on Instagram. You can respond to their direct messages and comments. You can even follow the most relevant accounts, comment and like relevant photos, and even share your favourite Instagram accounts. 
  • Facebook – respond to your messages and comments as soon as possible
  • Twitter – respond to both comments and Direct Messages
  • Pinterest – follow your favourite accounts and repin the most relevant content from your audience  
  • YouTube – respond to your comments 

If you interact with your audience, you are more likely to build a good relationship with them. 

You can use these social media tips to grow your social media account before launching your brand. It is helpful to use the top social media platforms to grow your brand. You can use exclusive content and creative visuals to know your target audience. If you continuously share quality content on social media, you can get loyal followers on social media. Focus on building these relationships before your launch date.