Hats are a versatile and unique accessory that styles individuals and has a distinct function. Hats are known for their practical aspect and aesthetics. It not only protects you from weather variations but styles you appropriately. Hats were earlier famous among the workers and labourer class. Hence, they required a protective shield for protection against the sun’s heated rays. These individuals spent a lot of their time outdoors in the field. Thus, different categories of headwear emerged in fashion. Although things have changed today, and you have more aesthetic hats than functional ones, the practical aspect cannot go overlooked.

Today, men love to experiment with their outfits and fashion elements. They want to formulate a fashion statement and don’t want anything wrong. In such a scenario, selecting appropriate headwear is challenging. Remember that it is a time-consuming and challenging task. Of all the options available in the market, an elegant top hat with the correct fit and size is going to take your look to the next level. You can amaze everybody with your charming appearance if you get it right.

How will you get your perfect fit?

Now that you have agreed to invest your money in top hats, the first thing is understanding your head size. Following this, you have to take care of your face shape. So let’s assume the first option in detail:

  • You may take the help of soft measuring tape and place that around your head. Ensure that you do not hold it loosely. It must be straight from your forehead to your ears.
  • Measure in inches or centimetres and use the measurement for finding out the correct hat size. You may take the help of the size chart available with manufacturers and retailers, which will guide you in the process.
  • Correctly fitted headwear rests comfortably on your forehead above your eyebrows. It sits completely straight. Moreover, ensure that it does not drop on your eyes or ears. Ill-fitted headwear will make you look disgusting.

Every individual has a distinct taste and sense of style. If you are a man of fashion and want to create magic with your attire, you must consider every aspect of your headwear. You cannot compromise on any facet from the brim to the crown to the overall appearance.

Should you purchase antique silk top hats or modern variations?

As mentioned earlier, top hats are not a simple category, but they have multiple variations. Some stocks range from modern to antique top hats that you may purchase. These headwear are known for their aesthetic appeal and overall impression. You may team it with formal attire as well as informal occasions. If you go for a dark shade antique silk top hat, it will give you an impression of height and elegance. Moreover, the lightness and shape of this headwear make it a must-have tool.

The modern version of the top hat is distinct from the earlier category. These come from fur felt and are grey and black. Moreover, you do find these in other shades are pastel shades. However, black and grey are the most popular ones. These hat styles create a lasting impression that lingers long.

In addition to this, these are taller than the earlier counterpart, and they are the closest alternative to original silk top headwear. The overall finish is mesmerizing and will create a worthwhile impression on the crowd. The overall look, shine, and lightness of these hats are a reason that makes them a worthy addition to your wardrobe.

Which shape of headwear must you select?

The height and shape of silk top headwear evolved. Today, there are multiple variations of top hats in the market. The crown, brim, overall appearance, and crease make the difference. The typical shape of the silk top hat is bell-shaped. The skull with top hat comes with slight curve sides that give an impression of style and trend. Moreover, it has tall and straight sides that provide an image of height. The shape you must choose has a lot to do with your personal choice, size, sense of style, and personality.

Which colour will go with your outfit?

Now that you know your head size and shape, it’s time to think about the colour. Remember that top hats are available in different dark shades. They are commonly available in black and grey. However, you also have nude shades and bright colours available at your disposal.

Whenever you choose a top hat, ensure that you pay attention to the occasion you intend to attend to and your taste in colour. While black never dies out of fashion, you can go for other colours depending on your choice.

When shopping for top hats, pay attention to the manufacturer and retailer. Always go for high-quality retailers because they create good material.

Moreover, it would help if you got a guarantee on your purchase. If you go for cheaper options, you might have to regret them later.