Stetson – Cowboy Peeler Straw Hat For Summer

Stetson – Cowboy Peeler Straw Hat For Summer

MenStyleFashion was at Pitti Uomo last week in Florence. It is the biggest menswear trade show in the world. Pitti Uomo is where many men walk around showcasing their hats for street style. We decided to trend out own cowboy Peeler Straw hat by Stetson to see if we would get noticed. Overall men asked if they could try on the hat and get a photograph taken. We were the only ones walking around amongst thousands of people wearing a cowboy hat.

We are MenStyleFashion #weshowyouhow that for this summer buy a Peeler Straw Stetson cowboy hat and be a trendsetter.

Some cowboy hats have been called “ten-gallon” hats. The term came into use about 1925. Another theory is that the term “ten-gallon” is a corruption of the Spanish term galón, which means “galloon”, a type of narrow braided trim around the crown, possibly a style adapted by Spanish cowboys.



BrokeBack Mountain

Ever watched the movie Brokeback Mountain? If not this shot was taken in Tuscany Italy and the setting took us back to the cowboy film. The peeler Straw pearl white hat is so versatile it goes with anything. On this occasion, we chose a t-shirt giving the cowboy hat a summer edge message.

Stetson Peeler Straw Cowboy hat Europe USA MenstyleFashion 2019 Italy Lifestyle (2) Stetson Peeler Straw Cowboy hat Europe USA MenstyleFashion 2019 Italy Lifestyle (2)

Pitti Uomo Pool Side Glam

As we walked around doing business we started to attract attention from other men. They loved the Peeler Cowboy hat because out of hundreds of men we were the only one at Pitti Uomo wearing it. So if you are looking for a more poolside glam this summer then this is the hat that will attract and turn heads.

Steston-Peeler-Straw-cowboy-hat-MenStyleFashion-2019-Italy-Pitti-Uomo-(3) Steston-Peeler-Straw-cowboy-hat-MenStyleFashion-2019-Italy-Pitti-Uomo-(3)

Walking The Esplanade

Around Europe, as the sun is setting the trend is to showcase your hat style on the esplanade of Europe. Walking around is like one big street style fashion show. The cowboy peeler straw hat is perfect for hot summer days and keeps your head cool and not getting burnt. Also perfect for the man that has no hair at all.

For men that workout and want to show off their six pack the cowboy hat matches the ego.



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