Not wearing shoes indoors and vacuuming at least once a week are key recommendations.

A poorly maintained carpet can become a huge source of bacteria. Although they are beautiful and keep the place warm, they imply daily and deep maintenance to prevent it from becoming a source of infections.

Providing them with due care will allow the carpet to last longer. It is key to be constant with carpet cleaning, the recommended thing is once a week.

There are two different ways to clean them. First, dry cleaning: this refers to using a vacuum cleaner that does a good fibre cleaning. Doing this process daily is important. And the second is deep cleaning, which is done with a special wet machine, which is recommended to be done every six months.

If you do not have a machine for this purpose, especially to carry out deep cleaning, avoid doing it. It is not recommended to apply carpet shampoo if you do not have a machine that sucks water and completely removes these types of products because the carpet is damaged by accumulating chemicals and it will be damaged more and more.

However, there are many tips that you can follow on a daily basis at home to keep your carpet clean.

Keep a welcome mat

Welcome mat

Keep a dust-trapping mat at the entrance of your house or apartment to prevent dirt particles from entering your shoes and starting to embed themselves in the carpet. Dust damages the fibers of the carpet and can tear them.

Take off your shoes before entering

take off shoes

Avoid stepping on the carpet with the shoes you wear on the street, which helps in the long-term care of the carpet. Get into the habit of walking inside carpeted areas without shoes. This way they will stay clean for much longer.

Vacuum once a week


Weekly vacuuming the dust with the vacuum cleaner tube, without the brush, is the best option to keep the carpet clean for longer. If you have children or pets, it is recommended that you vacuum every other day to avoid the accumulation of bad odours.

When you receive guests, disinfect

After each visit from outsiders to your home, remember: when guests leave, it is advisable to spray alcohol on the carpet to quickly disinfect the surface that came into contact with the visitor’s shoes.

A deeper disinfection

If you have a steam engine, steam the carpet every week to avoid mites and bacteria. You can also apply with a 10 percent fifth-generation quaternary ammonium spray. The ideal is to dilute 20 ml of this chemical in one litre of water.

Be careful with the weight of the furniture

The weight of the furniture wears and marks the carpet; therefore, from time to time rotate the carpet or move the furniture so that the same side does not wear out. If it has already been marked, melt ice cubes on the affected surface and you will see how it recovers.

Use of chemicals

If you use any chemicals, such as carpet shampoo, be careful not to use it in large quantities. If you do not remove it well, the product will accumulate and will create stains that are later very difficult to remove, the carpet will lose texture and become hard.

Eliminate bad odours

Use baking soda to neutralize the odour. Its application is simple: you just have to sprinkle it on the carpet and then remove it with the vacuum cleaner. To prevent the spread of odours, vacuum frequently and clean stains as soon as they form.

We hope these tips were informative. Good luck!