Whether you like fishing or crafting or driving, or whatever else, your garage might turn into the hub where you can have rest even from the dearest people. Yes, it shall be admitted and accepted: every man needs a space where he can feel free.

Thus, we would stop by a garage. It is a place where you can do whatever you want without any fear to be bothered right in the middle of the creation of the next masterpiece. However, this place can be pretty cluttered and thus, become non as comfortable as you would like it to be.

What about changing your hub into something extra-convenient? With a couple of linear actuator systems, you can do it on your own. You can design the space based on your needs.

Now, let us have a look at the options that you have.

Drop-Down Shelves

If you have a lot of things indeed or if your garage is small, drop-down shelves are perfect to arrange your things and still save a lot of space. We all know that the space just below the ceiling is rarely used. It is difficult to reach there, and thus, you would avoid placing there any furniture to keep things.

Drop down shelves garage

But with drop-down shelves, everything changes. To build them, you can use your old shelves (you can even bring some from your home) or you can make new shelves. Get actuator drop-down systems. Consider that these systems shall comply with specific requirements:

  • They shall be powerful if you don’t want a shelf collapse from the ceiling height and scatter around all the things you used to keep there.
  • They shall be easy-to-manage and work smoothly. Once installed, it will be difficult to adjust them. if something is complicated to handle, such a drop-down shelf might be unusable. This is not our purpose though.
  • Stroke length is crucial for such an installation. In the retracted position, the shelf shall be lowered so that you can handle its content freely.
  • It is better when the systems are made from lightweight material. There are alloys used in heavy-duty actuators that are very robust but not heavy. Systems that use such actuators might be more expensive than similar items made from standard materials. But in the very end, you are creating a perfect place for yourself.

Now, when the items are built and purchased, install the actuator system on the wall or ceiling (depending on the system type). Fix the shelf so that in the retracted position, you can handle your items on the shelf easily.

Lifting Hooks to Keep More Things

Another great idea is to install actuators on the ceiling and attach hooks to keep such items as rope, some tools, etc. It is a good idea to store there such things that you use frequently. You can have them constantly in the sight, and to get one, a push of a button is sufficient.

While it is recommended to avoid keeping there heavy things, still choose the actuator systems that are robust enough. Otherwise, your efforts will not bring any satisfaction but rather, on the contrary, will lead to disappointment.

Final Thoughts

Here, we have checked two ideas only. However, you can use linear actuators to make something incredible out of your garage. Needless to mention such improvements as popup platforms to lift and hide heavier items (especially if you are keen on woodwork), rotatable stands for smaller items, and similar.

With linear actuators, you can optimize your garage to the extent that you can stay there as long as you need and even receive your friends! What about some foldable chairs and a table that can appear or disappear when needed? And once you have more skills, you can even install there a lift bed and a TV-set on special drop-down TV support.

Now, you can optimize your space and change it in the way you want!