Men’s fashion and style are concepts to which both our historical and contemporary generations have played either the victim or the conqueror. Fashion and style define, confine, and liberate us in many different ways, not only as individuals but as societies in what we call the evolved generation. TEM is exactly that; the supreme guide to men’s style and fashion for young, old and mature men in South Africa, Africa and across the globe.

The young driven men behind this independent men’s wear and lifestyle brand are Tiyani Mabaso, Choaro Motshoeneng and Lindo Ndukuya.

We have developed this ever-growing concept which aims to take on the reality of a men’s-wear brand and a ‘GQ’ way of life, inspired by the style and trends set from the 1920s, vintage generations, but we aim to bring all back in a contemporary and trendy way.

Being evolved has to do with attitude, confidence, charisma and other factors that come through in the way you present yourself as an individual. TEM break down the high walls of exclusive men’s wear fashion as to what seems to be for the elite and far-fetched to make it more accessible to the general public. Dress according to where life is taking you – a life of class and sophistication is where we desire to be taken – as well-groomed and highly respectable gentlemen.

Initially, TEM was just a vague concept that was constituted of a group of friends at the University of Johannesburg who all shared a synonymous passion for style and elegance.

It was only until it was brought to our attention by a high-end South African men’s-wear visionary that we took it upon our own initiative to start this movement and transform it from a vague concept to a defined reality. We aim to help men join the ranks of the sophisticated by focusing on the finer details that bring to bring an outfit to a complete and well-executed look.

We believe fashion is personality, as it brings out character and individuality. The fashion industry is a platform for all kinds of people from all walks of life to showcase themselves as artists of their own lives. Art for and the individual comes down to passion and feeling. It is sometimes taken for granted, but TEM is about pushing passion which is style, class and men’s-wear fashion.

An evolved look is all about the final execution. At the end of the day, it’s not all about the labels, but how one’s style is put together to make you an evolved man. Ultimately, the Evolved Man is slowly transitioning into a more cultured and tailored way of life.