Men Are Making Statements With Fashion Forward Statements

It used to be that my female friends were the in-the-know fashionistas, but as of late, the men in my life have been making statements everywhere we go. Having a large group of male friends that date back to high school, I recently had an epiphany when we girls joined up with our men to pre-game before a big night out. As all of us ladies sat around and exchanged pleasantries, the men started popping up and showing off their accessories, one-upping each other’s fashion game for the night. Everything from cufflinks, bowties, pocket squares, and neon shoelaces were compared as I came to the realization that us girls need to step it up if we want to keep up with our stylish beaus. I love that we live in a time when men can joyously and shamelessly join in on the style fun. It used to be that a guy would be labeled effeminate or metro-sexual if they boasted about their skin products or wore pink. However, we live in a far more accepting time and with masculine icons like Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z writing songs that celebrate the art of dressing up in their “suit and tie,” men can rejoice in the splendor that their dates aren’t the only ones getting the compliments anymore.

 Men Who Are looking To Get On Trend

My boyfriend and I recently attended a wedding together, and at formal events it’s usually me who gets all the attention and admiration in the relationship. However, his pocket square alone was at one point a topic of discussion at our dinner table, and don’t even get me started on the discussion that took place about stylish money clips at the table. Us women escaped to the bar and dance floor on many occasions, not just because we were having a great time celebrating the marriage of a friend, but also to poke fun at our masculine men as they talk about the best place to buy a messenger bag.


For men who are looking to get on trend and for the women in their lives looking to help them take the leap into the world of fashion I would suggest to visit stores like Urban Outfitters, and here are a few tips:


  1. Add color to your wardrobe. Don’t be afraid of pinks or purples. Start with accessories like socks and ties.


  1. Buy outfits not pieces. My boyfriend has a policy that he won’t buy a tie unless he has a shirt to wear it with. This way, every time he shops he has a clear idea of his full ensemble and nothing will just sit around in his closet with nothing to pair it with.


  1. Don’t be afraid to go outside the box. Buy a new accessory that’s out of your comfort zone. Maybe it’s a hat, bowtie, or tie clip. Whatever it is, own it and rock it with the confidence that comes along with being fashion savvy.


Having a stylish and versatile closet filled with clothes and accents can be budget friendly if you seek out good deals. Check out VoucherBin, where there are tons of discounts on the items listed above. Next time you have a big night out don’t let the girls have all the fun; dress yourself with confidence and choose some pieces to elevate your style factor.

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