Spring Shoe Collection – 4 Must Haves

Spring Shoe Collection – 4 Must Haves

Spring Shoe Collection: 4 Must Haves

Spring has sprung and it’s time to take a leap into a fashion forward season. Finally, you can slip out of overweight jackets and pullovers, feel more light and alive. This season is always fun and recreational. The best thing about spring is that you can wear whatever you wish to. From your flower print dresses to your ultra short shorts, you can flaunt your skin in anything that you want to.

So, get to select your favorite stuff and refurbish your wardrobe as per the requirements of the season. That said, don’t you remember that your winter boots need to be replaced with summer/spring footwear? Bring out the colorful designs that you can team up with your spring apparels. Or, you could go the other way round. That is, to pick the right shoes first and then match the rest of the outfit with it. In case you thinking what kind of shoes to wear this spring, listed are 5 must haves for everyone:

1. Converse:

You ought to have at least two pairs of Converse canvas sneakers in your spring collection. One of these pairs must be the monochrome type in your favorite color. The second one should be a customized pair that you have created online for yourself. Online retail stores like Zelenshoes.com give you the opportunity to design your pair of Converse online and buy them too. If you are wondering about the clothes that you can team up with these sneakers, be assured that it won’t be too much hard work. These shoes can be paired with almost anything.

Tinie-Tempah-London-Collection-Men-Interview-2014-white converse

2. Dr. Martens:

These are year round classics that can be worn both with spring and winter outfits. What matters is the way you wear them. For example, if you are planning to wear a mini skirt, you can pair them up with Dr. Martens’ ankle high boots. You can also team this pair up with joggings or skin tight jeans. A crop top as the upper wear would work fine both with the mini as well as the joggings. As for the guys well team them with a pair of jeans. Ricki Hall is a huge fan of Dr.Martens wearing them with his suits.

Ricki Hall - Beard & Tattoo Model  - Dr Martens

3. Havaianas:

Spring is incomplete without flip-flops. In fact, the season does not begin without this footwear. Havaianas Canada particularly is a favorite of a lot many people within this category. From the neon ones to the lighter shades to the printed ones, you can pick any and as many that you like. Because it is spring, if your flip-flops are a little stylish you can wear them even to the mall nearby.


4. Vans:

Spring season is a little biased towards fashion. While comfort is a priority, it is always better in case you can get comfort with style. Vans shoes offer maximum style with maximum comfort. Pick from the checkered variety to the authentic black to any other variety that you want at best prices from a reputed online store.

The gist is to keep the spirit of the season alive. Because spring is denoted by bright colors and beautiful prints, let these things reflect through your dress and style. Read a bit about what’s trending for the season. Every year, fashion connoisseurs keep changing the trend. For example, while one year you might see a lot of neon colors, the next spring you might not see any neon at all. Keep checking fashion magazines and online fashion portal to check the new collection that is taking over the style occasion. In a nutshell, walk in trend and style with your spring shoe collection!



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