Men’s Fashion Guide – Dressing For Your Shape

Men’s Fashion Guide – Dressing For Your Shape

Surveys suggest that it’s not just women who are plagued with the problem of finding clothes to suit their shapes: men are just as prone to stressful shopping trips and body-image concerns. Results show that there are in fact seven ‘manly’ shapes attributed to the male species, each with their own definitive features that can determine what clothes they should wear and which they should avoid.

So it begs the question: which body shape are you and how can you make the most of your physique? How to identify your shirtdetective style.

Follow this guide to make sure that you flatter your figure and keep up to date with the latest trends.



Like the female counterpart, pears are slightly larger around the middle with a slim top and legs. Great for cuddles and with junk in their trunk, pears often try to hide their shape with overly-baggy clothing.

TIP: paired with a subtle coloured top will give you a more visually smooth physique, so opt for complimentary colours (e.g. navy jeans, lighter blue top) to present the image of a trimmer body shape.


AVOID: Sharply contrasting tops and bottoms as this will break up your appearance and place an emphasis on your not so well kept areas.


A slim waistline and broad shoulders are the defining characteristics of the tasty male Nacho. Whilst well-fitted tops will complement your broad shape, skinny jeans can make you look a little too top-heavy.

TIP: If you’re a shorter nacho, then steer clear of long shorts and cut- off trousers, as this will only emphasize your in- proportions. Nacho body types should go for a and shorts that rest above the knee. Wearing contrasting colors on your bottom half will draw the eye away from your broad upper body, and give you a more rounded appearance.


AVOID: Skinny bottoms and overly baggy tops, as this combination will emphasise your broadness.


Round and a little bit chubby all over, Tomatoes are a popular shape amongst men of the UK. Like their fellow fruity friend, Pears, Tomatoes are often tempted to drown their body in baggy clothing and ill-fitted designs.

TIP: Instead of overly baggy or tight clothing, try finding styles that skim over the outline of your shape but don’t hug you too tightly will highlight your shape without drowning it, but make sure you pick a suitable length as rolling up the bottom of your jeans will make your legs looks shorter.


AVOID: Turtle-necked tops and clothing that is overly bulky on your top half e.g. fleece-lined jackets, as these will make you look bigger.


Often envied by other men, Cucumbers model a straight up and down figure with no extra weight and slim fitted clothing to enhance and compliment your figure.


AVOID: Baggy clothing, as it will swamp your slender frame and make you look a bit too skinny.


A stocky build, Bricks are usually broad all over, giving a heavy and sometimes intimidating appearance.

TIP: Whilst skin-tight clothing can showcase your shape, it is more likely to make you look bulky instead of Athletic, so choose a slim-fit jean and instead of clothing that hugs your defined areas.


AVOID: Spandex-tight clothing, low v-necks and wife-beater vests – yes they show off your muscles, but they also most likely make you look like an idiot.

 String Bean

Often very, very, very tall and skinny all over, string beans are known for their lean physique. However, being so tall and skinny can have its disadvantages and like the other man-shapes, there are some styles that even this lean bean cannot pull off.

TIP: Wearing a belt and contrasting colours will help to break up your appearance and make your body seem more in proportion will also add to this effect.


AVOID: Vertical stripes, one-color outfits, and skinny jeans as these will overly-emphasize your height.


Snowmen sport a rounded stomach and chest area, creating the iconic figure of eight shape

TIP: Opt for t-shirts and shirts that fit you well over the shoulders, and then skim over any lumps and bumps giving a smoother appearance. Avoid overly busy prints and designs, as these will only draw attention to your fuller figure with a simple image will mean that you can complement your shape whilst expressing your individual style.


AVOID: Horizontal stripes will accentuate the areas that you want to conceal, as they draw the eye outwards. Flare cut jeans are also a no-go, as these will make your legs look wider.

So there you have it – a complete guide to dressing for your shape!


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