As we consumer’s rise panting and gasping from the primordial soup of winter it’s easy to forget that those little touches of subtle excess can help polish the jaded sartorial palette to a healthy glow. Traditional staples of gloves and scarves are still a men’s staple but lets explore the everyday subtleties that can help you’re overall product.

Sartorial Scent

Enjoying oven like temperatures doesn’t mean you have to skimp in the personal fragrance department. A good scent should be as uplifting as a lottery win with the very British Penhaligon’s house leading the pack .It’s produced a pleasantly blended arrangement of orange and lavender notes as an Eau De Cologne celebrating its 145th birthday .With quality like this enhancing a summers day long and long may it continue.

Stay In the Shades

A veritable encyclopedia has been written about good thermonuclear protection for the eyes. And above all it doesn’t mean you have to look like and extra from a Marvel Movie. This summer’s trend is for round lenses which although can be less flattering depending on you’re facial features its recommended you try the slightly more subtle lines of  Serengeti Eyewear range .Although remember any good shades will outlast the season they are designed for and there are plenty of aftermarket clones around for all budgets.

Loafing About Town

Shoelaces in the warm weather can be a pain and its far better to invest in comfort and practicality that can add style to your steps. Moschino are indulging in leopard style slip on’s  while the wonderful Axel Arigato’s launch of the Clean 90 Lace Less are having other designs quaking in their boots. Again plenty of options out there from desirable to virtually disposable via department store ranges.

Win By a Neck

A cool launch from the runways of Milan’s SS17. There is a lot to see happening just now from the collections of Hermes and D & G. But don’t think the lone ranger, think subtle and smart and enhance jackets from Louis Vuitton and separates from Armani in a range of neutral colours. If your torso is elongated all the better to strut a scouting style length that will earn you merit badges in abundance.

Be a Lightweight

Another key accessory is the lightweight scarf. There are oversized panels from Trussardi and Burberry as part of these season´s collections for men .Contrasting bright swill show off any neutrals in shirts or jackets and for the chillier moments on a late evening patterned versions are a must with a neutral coat whatever the length.

A Golden Shower

The tone and sheer luster of the precious metal always makes the right impression and on the right accessory, none more so than a classic timepiece. Without resorting to purchasing on tick, check out some classic lines from Dreyfuss & Company for a wristwatch to reflect on.

Spiv it Up

You don’t need to be an extra from dad’s army to look good. The necktie is a much underestimated weapon in the sartorial armory. Some lovely printed offerings from Copacabana with the textured look that can be swapped out quicker than corporal walker can sell you some nylons .Be subtle with texture and colour using brighter shades only as the weather sees fit.

Cool To The Core

The five to seven panel brim live from the streets of Big Apple is this season’s sure fire hit. Just now, there are lots of options and colours from Supreme or Palace in the logo department. You can still be discreet with dark and neutral designs from Calvin Klein or Balmain.


Come Rain Or Shine

To avoid being a bit of a drip this  season a full blown classic waterproof umbrella with a full length rigid shaft runner  and reinforced ribs is an item of beauty as you strut your stuff on the banks of the River Cam . Lightweight but sturdy is the order of the day and essential if you’re going the full John Steed in a quality lightweight designer suit. More colours and manufacturers than stars in the sky so you’re sure to find something to get you covered.