That special occasion you’ve been waiting for is coming, and you tried every formal dress shoes for men you could find. Still, the result is the same; there’s a noticeable disparity between you and your loved one. Your head anticipates the photos and races on strategies and shortcuts to avoid being “shortie.”

I know I’ve been that guy before; moreover, if you’re reading this, chances are this sounds familiar to you too. The reason behind the feeling is that, in our minds, society thinks less of us because we come in a small package.

If you feel like this too, don’t worry, because we are going to go through the best strategies to look taller. You’ll see how with some clever tips and effortless changes, you’ll look the size you always wanted to.

Let’s take a look at why you should follow our advice.

Let’s talk confidence

Confidence, for many men, starts with the mirror. The better you see yourself, the more confident you are in who you are. In this regard, height is no different: looking taller, you’ll feel taller, and thus, more confident. Furthermore, confidence is the basis of a healthy relationship with your body and persona. Take my word for it; it does make a difference.

Let’s talk image

Although the image is not everything, it plays a big role in our lives. Seeing yourself in photos of important moments of your life looking great is a nice feeling. Moreover, being taller during those special moments can be a beautiful gift to your future self. Looking back and seeing that handsome man in that perfect suit will put a smile upon your face.

These are the dressing rules for short men

As with most things in life, there are rules for short men like us to dress and look taller. I don’t just mean wearing tall men’s shoes and getting it over with; these rules we are about to unveil are non-exclusive. This means that you can combine them all to create the ultimate outfit for any special (or non-special) occasion.

Read on and change people’s impressions of your height (including your own).

Elevator shoes, the definite answer

Let’s start by describing the most powerful solution in the list: elevator shoes. Indeed, elevator shoes can sometimes take you eight centimetres up; this means a lot for some men. Moreover, that meaningful difference can be easily hidden or, even better, shown with style.

For example, if you are going to a special place for an event and want to show off a little, some formal elevator shoes can be a great way of looking not only taller but stylish and smart.

You can (and should) combine elevator shoes with the following tips to maximise results.

Elevator shoes

Avoid baggy pants

Any piece of clothing that is wide on your calves and ankles is out of the question if you are a short man. I know we all went through that phase when the last century was coming to an end, but it is something from the past. You should stop wearing baggy, big pants if you want to look taller. The reason is that they make you look wider at the bottom, which also translates into you being shorter.

How do you fix this? Well, simply try to buy the closest you can get to a slim-fit pair of pants. Whether we are talking about jeans, dressing pants, chinos, or any other kind, make sure they are as tight as possible around your ankles. You’ll look taller, stylish, handsome, and modern.

No horizontal lines

Even if you are wearing elevator shoes, going for horizontal lines will destroy your efforts. How so? The answer is very simple; horizontal lines tend to make people look wider, and thus, shorter.

On the other hand, going for vertical lines or stripes can be a boost for those shoes because they make everything look longer and thinner. If you are a stripes fan, don’t hesitate to buy a vertical-line suit that will help your height and make you look outstanding.

One colour at the time does the trick

Another great piece of advice is to accentuate the slim & long look rather than the short & wide look. This is something you can achieve by choosing a very tight, small colour palette and sticking to it with your entire outfit. Dressing in one colour (or very close) can be the best way to look taller on any occasion.

Adding to that, avoid anything that will draw attention to the middle part of your body. This means big belts, differently-coloured buckles, and such. This is because you want the colour and your figure to flow vertically from head to toe. Hence, adding something to the outfit that would cut that flow could mean the end of all your efforts.


Now that you’ve gone through all the formal dress shoes for men you could find, it’s time to check out elevator shoes. Make it simple, go shopping and think of the afore-mentioned rules in combination with elegant elevator shoes. You’ll feel better than you’ve ever felt before, and people will look at you from a different perspective.

Make memories that last and look astonishing in the photos. Believe me, the extra effort you put into it makes a real difference. Your future self will love you for it!