Don’t you love the glow or bounce on you after getting pleasantly laid? Well, healthy sexual life will indeed ease your stress, brighten you up, and bloom your relationship. One of the most prominent aspects of a sexual encounter is your partner.

Valuing them and sexually pleasing them has to be a priority to satisfying sex for everyone. No one remembers a selfish partner. So how do you please a woman in bed? Read on for some steps to please and cater for a woman in bed.

Get Some Sexual Education

No one has inborn sexual talents; forget the cliche and unfounded sexualized body stereotyping. Great sex stems from being aware of you and your partner’s desires and satisfying those desires in the right way. The right way involves educating yourself on sexual elements and themes, including a female’s body, healthy sexual practices, and different-sex approaches.

Having out-of-this-world sexual encounters start with your preparations off the bed. In recent times the topic of sexual education has hit the limelight, meaning you can access loads of helpful information online. However, it is still vital to seek information and advice from sex health professionals such as therapists.

Prepare Well and Set the Mood

Spontaneous sex can be outstanding, even then, women love effort and commitment, especially to set up great sex. Preparing yourself and setting up the mood before your foreplay and steamy time together makes the whole experience satisfying. Preparations can involve ensuring you are prepared and that could include using a penis sleeve for those of you needing extra help.

It would be best if you did your preparation in a way that subtly sets a passionate ambience. Consider scented candles, dim lighting, her favourite slow music, and some wine. By doing all these, you show her how important it is that she enjoys having sex, an incredible turn-on.

Know What She Likes

Knowing what your partner likes should not be rocket science. If you cannot tell what turns her on the most, be gentle and ask. We often tend to head into sex with ideas or projections of what our partners like and expectations of how to satisfy them.

One of the essential factors of healthy sexual relationships is communication. Quit being shy or awkward, ask her what she likes, as this is a great place to start giving her the best sex of her life. Know where she enjoys the most stimulation, what speed is right for her, how you could improve from past encounters with her, and more.

Don’t Judge Your Partner

Having sex with someone you don’t find attractive or like is often a recipe for disaster unless the sex wows you. But you don’t want to risk that, so before having sex with a woman, love and accept her as she is.

Confidence is an important ingredient to unforgettable sex. Accepting your partner and complementing them throughout raises their confidence and libido high.

Explore Her Body

Sex is not just about the vagina; a woman’s body is fascinating and should be included wholly during sex. Her body is full of erogenous parts; her skin is delicate and receptive when felt sexually. The key to exploring a woman’s body and her most erogenous parts is light touches with soft kisses.

Remember all women are different and their most receptive parts may switch from one woman to the other. Some generally known most erogenous female body parts are:

  • Nibble or slow talk against her ear
  • Hold her small of the back or hand while feeling the inner wrist when walking
  • Kiss or lightly bite her neck
  • Touch her navel and lower belly
  • Kiss her lips or graze your finger over them
  • Nipples
  • Inner highs
  • Clitoris
  • G-Spot

Foreplay is the Key

When it comes to foreplay, thinking out the box and being as erotic and intimate as possible is key. Excellent foreplay works a woman’s sexual craving and needs higher. Foreplay prepares your organs and bodies for sex.

During foreplay, focus on slowly and sensually satisfying a woman sexually with touch and your mouth. You can incorporate sex toys and oral techniques to get her going.

Have Some Lube and Protection

You would call lubricant and condoms sex tools as they are vital in making sex a healthy activity. Lube or lubricants is essential in allowing safe and pain-free vaginal penetration. Whether a woman is wet or not, applying lube helps avoid tearing or irritating the vagina during penetration.

The use of condoms or other protective techniques can help prevent some impacts of sex such as pregnancy, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, and HIV/AIDS. Always have a couple of packs of condoms and some lube in your home at all times.

By focusing on her pleasure and being sensitive to her sexual needs, you stand to bow a woman’s mind off with fantastic sex. Follow the steps above and lead a healthy and satisfactory sexual life.