Street Style – Men in East London

Street Style – Men in East London
The Kooples -  East End Style

The Kooples – East End Style

Ever wonder how the top labels ever began? Let alone got noticed?  Menstylefashion loves to promote the up and coming designers.  For me East London is where it all begins when it comes to British brands and emerging talent. It’s in the up and coming designers where you learn how hard it is to get noticed. It’s in the unnoticed who who are keen to explain to me their ideas. It’s the unpaid trying to be promoted that you understand that fashion is hard work. When I read in GRAZIA this week about three million young adults have been labelled as FAILED FLEDGLING. Meaning that’s how many are still living with their parents as adults. It occurred that London and the UK is hard to establish yourself as a fashion guru, if money is scarce.

But don’t you dare make it an excuse that you can’t fulfill your fashion, media or photography dream.

Who Are Our Next Models or Brands

Lisa King, Sam Way,  One Peice, A child of the Jago or Muchachomalo. Ever heard of them? Well thanks to MenStyleFashion you will. I believe these are our up and coming next big thing when it comes to men’s wear. These designers are connecting and representing fashion for the everyday man. Head down to BoxPark in Shoreditch and be inspired by East London and you will see some amazing men’s wear. Who would have thought hey. That the East is where men style and fashion are setting the trends for 2014.

Interview with Joe Corre – A Child Of The Jago

Jimmy Choo

Did you know  that Jimmy Choo Ltd was founded in 1996 by Tamara Mellon, she ran a successful but small business in the East End of London. Mellon secured a £150,000 loan from her father. It was later sold to Labelux, the current owners, for £525.5 million in 2011 with J.Choo Limited remaining the company name throughout.

Box Park - Shorditch East London

Sam has modelled for Topman and with Kate Moss

Sam has modelled for Topman and with Kate Moss

Men wearing funky think brogued shoes - East London

Shoreditch East London - Funky shoes for men

Boxpark Fashion

Vivienne Westwood shoes 2013

Street style fashion in Shoreditch

shoreditch fashion for men 2013

Street fashion in Shoreditch


A child of the jago hats

A Child of the Jago

Street Style Photography - Olly Clarke Photography

Olly Clarke Photography. He is the next big thing for street style images

East London Street Style - Men wearing Hat

Cafe Trend in Shoredich

East London Street Fashion

East London Shops - Lisa King

Lisa King – Collections

Street Fashion - East London - Shoreditch - Boxpark


Box Park - Shorditch East London

Operation Wardrobe

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