Sounding an alert to all men out there- February is fast approaching – and that means Valentine’s day! February 14th has long been regarded as d-day for love, giving men a chance to offer their romanticism and make women swoon. If you have a crush on someone or have a significant other locked in, then this is the day you can really let your lady feel special. But just because you’re making the day all about her, doesn’t mean you should be left behind! Valentine’s day is as much a day that men should look and feel confident about themselves – starting with the way they dress! Don’t know whether to wear a bomber jacket or a classic white t-shirt this year on Valentine’s?

If you’re planning to make a trendy first impression this Valentine’s day with someone special, then read on to find out some ways in which you can dress dapper to make this happen. To all the men who already have found someone to love – make sure you read on to find out where you can get the latest sweatshirts for men or t-shirts for men, as there’s nothing wrong with making a second first impression with your lady love!

Styling your look this Valentine’s day

Keep it casual

T-shirts are nature’s way of helping you keep things casual. If you’re making a first impression on someone and want to keep things light and breezy, go for a great t-shirt. A good looking t-shirt that fits well on your body will help you feel confident and comfortable at the same time.

Browse Sporto for a range of solid coloured t-shirts for men, or go for the classic white t-shirt with a pair of denim pants. For teenagers and young adults, t-shirts that have your favourite superhero can go a long way in impressing someone and giving you something to talk about!

Marvel T-Shirt - White

Whether you’re older or younger, Sporto has a variety of round necks, v-necks, henleys, half and full-sleeved t-shirts for men. Just because it’s a t-shirt, doesn’t have to be simple! Complete your casual look with denim pants, shorts, or trousers – t-shirts go well with absolutely anything!

Sport a sweatshirt

The humble sweatshirt looks amazingly stylish when worn right. This warm and loose-fitting garment made of soft fabrics is guaranteed to make your lady love to hold onto your arm! Choose from the trendiest sweatshirts for men. From those that have superhero logos to stripes and prints, Sporto’s sweatshirts for men are made from the highest quality thread fibres.

Pair your sweatshirt with shorts for a day out, or with denim/ khakis or pants for a dinner date. If you’re going for a casual look, then sport sneakers or tennis shoes.

Marvel Sweatshirt- Captain America

Look absolutely bombing

You’re lucky that Valentine’s falls towards the earlier end of winter, giving you another chance to sport a really smart look with a great bomber jacket. Bomber jackets are the latest rage and have caught onto pop culture apparel. Originally intended to be a flight jacket for pilots, the “bomber” look is a trend most men are crazy about. Sporto has a large collection of men’s bomber jackets – from solid coloured ones to printed bomber jackets, you’ll find them all.

A bomber jacket is a true classic – something you can’t go wrong with. From Archie to Ryan Gosling, there’s not a single comic character or real-life hero who doesn’t look good in a bomber jacket. Pair your bomber jacket up with a pair of washed-out jeans, and you’ll look irresistibly adorable. Some men love wearing a bomber jacket with a white t-shirt, while others look really good sporting a bomber jacket with a shirt.

Typically, you can wear running shoes or tennis shoes to complete the look, but if you’re looking to style your bomber jacket differently, try wearing brown boots, or even converse shoes.

Style yourself with Sporto

So, what’s trending and can be delivered to you fastest? Sporto sports the newest trends and houses the best looks that can reach you just in time for Valentine’s day.

Browse the latest t-shirts for men, sweatshirts for men, or take your pick on the perfect bomber jacket – with affordability being a great factor, Sporto will help you style well to make your first impression, and leave aside enough to spend on your date!

Henley Neck Tshirt For Men- Orange