Many students think that no one cares nowadays how you dress. Or that while you are at college, you can dress however you want. This is why many people may have witnessed college students dressed in pyjamas and going to college. While this may be something normal, the way you present yourself in classes can send a powerful message.

Those who dress in pyjamas are usually those who will fall asleep a few minutes later. Yes, students’ years are not only about studying and going to classes but about having fun with your colleagues and going to parties too. Even though you had a tough night and you are now having a hangover, it would be better to not show this to the entire college.

So, what to wear if you are a busy college student?

Plain Tees

Plain T-shirts have always been the go-to outfits for many college students. They’re simple, comfortable, and versatile. A T-shirt can be dressed up or down to fit any occasion. If you’re going to class, you can pair it with a jacket or scarf and jeans. If you’re staying in the dorms, a T-shirt with pyjama bottoms is the most comfortable casual wear. 

Get plain tees in various colours, so you have more style options. A classic white shirt and a black shirt should never go missing in any college student’s wardrobe. It’s best to choose high-quality plain tees because they offer more comfort, quality, and durability. You can buy them in bulk to save money.

plain t-shirts

Polo T-shirts

Many college students are wearing regular t-shirts, with all kinds of prints. But while some of these prints may be funny for those wearing them, they might turn out to be offensive or annoying for your colleagues or teachers. Even though society’s view on clothing is constantly changing, people are now more relaxed when it comes to fashion. However, the way you present yourself, meaning the way you dress for college, is very important because it shows that you respect this learning environment.

So, as many men students wear colourful prints when going to classes, switching common t-shirts for Polo ones can be your winning ticket. Many students say that they wear t-shirts for a plus of comfort and that they could not wear shirts every day. This is understandable as times have changed and so did fashion.

A Polo t-shirt offers you the same comfort you get when wearing a regular t-shirt, only it adds a touch of elegance. If you have ever wondered how to look classy without wearing a suit or a vest, then you just found out: Polo t-shirts. Of course, you need to wear the collar down.

Polo shirts


Many men run away from wearing cloth or elegant pants, and the main reason is that they are not as comfortable as other pairs of pants. But as fashion changes, regular pants such as jeans have now become essential pieces of the wardrobe of many men. There are many models of jeans, from the ones that are very loose to those who make you look slim.

There are also jeans with holes in them, which give your look a touch of youth. Fashion trends are changing, and so do men. If you are a busy student that goes to college, then you should choose a dark colour pair of jeans. They give you the comfort you need, while also helping you make the transition from a student to manhood. Of course, through your clothes you show your personality, so choose clothing items to suit you well.

Jeans Extra Slim Fit Tommy Hilfiger

Jeans Extra Slim Fit – Tommy Hilfiger

Sweater – Comfort When You’re Writing Your Online Writing Assignment

If you have upgraded your wardrobe from t-shirts to polo ones, then you should make a few more changes. One of them is upgrading your sweatshirt or hoodie. Yes, these come with a plus of comfort, but wearing them in a college setting can come with too much comfort and distract you. This is because you might wear your sweatshirts or hoodies in more than one context; for example, you could wear them at the gym also, while you go to the cinema, or go out with friends.

Having a sweater or two to match them with your polo t-shirts when going to college could give you the look you are looking for. Confident and casual, while being comforting and relaxing. Unfortunately, many students have to study online during this challenging time. Therefore, they don’t even have to think about what to wear for online classes. They just sit in their pajamas. For this reason, many of them find it difficult to learn while sitting at home. Writix, on the other hand, can help you solve your homework online. It is this service, that saves students learning from home.


Tommy Hilfiger


The way you dress says a lot about your personality. Even though some clothing items might be more comfortable and colourful than others, they might not be right in a college setting. You need to show respect to your colleagues and teacher and also make everything possible to acquire more knowledge. The way you dress can help you learn more, so choose to swap some of your regular clothing items with more casual ones.

What to Wear - A Busy Student For College

Author Bio: James Collins is a content writer at a local magazine. He writes about fashion for men of all ages. James loves watching men’s fashion shows.