It’s no secret that dreadlocks have been taking the media by storm over the past few years. Popular celebrities and individuals on the scene have rocked them everywhere from red carpets, to galas, showing off the styles versatility and ability to break boundaries. Singers like Chloe & Halle have graced the media with their gorgeous hairstyles while artists like Snoop Dogg and Lenny Kravitz have made it a part of their signature style. 

While the styles popularity among celebs has always made the looks notable and cool there have also been downsides to the styles. Up until recently, many considered dreadlocks to be unprofessional, “hippie like”, and even suggest that everyone that rocks locs has ties with the Caribbean heritage or marijuana. However, thanks to Locs becoming more mainstream over the last decade, the ignorance behind these assumptions is beginning to be revealed. Icons and professionals are making statements with dreads now more than ever and showing that style doesn’t confine you to a box. Men and women alike are embracing the freedom of their strands, while not only elevating the appearance of dreads but redefining the stigma behind them. 

So why else are people switching over to dreads?

On Top of the fact that dreadlocks are becoming more widely accepted in multiple environments, the style also provides a level of comfort, flexibility, protection and versatility. 

When done correctly, locs act as a protective style. Not only are they easy to manage but don’t require daily maintenance or multiple products to keep them tame. The style can also be rocked in several fashions including, but not limited to, buns, bobs and ponytails! And as more people begin to see the options locs offer, more heads are being graced with them. 

So, whether you’re considering trying out the awesome style for yourself or you want to learn more about the look, there’s no doubt you’ll be seeing them more and more. So, we’ve made a list of some of the most popular items to complement them. Check them out! 

Dread accessories

Easy Ways to Make Your Look More Sophisticated

Luxurious 18-karat gold hair jewelry

Elevating your look and adding some bling to your dreads has never been so easy! Whether you’re looking for a special occasion accessory or just want to add a little bit of glamour to your everyday look, this golden accessory is the perfect way to do it. This jewelry has specifically been designed with dreads in mind, making them comfortable, flexible, easy to apply & remove, and keep secure. A composition of 18-karat gold means the jewelry wont effect your dreads, tarnish or break easily. Making this a fun, classy clip to dress your hair up with! 

Leather Dread Cuff 

Elevate any look and keep strands at bay with these handmade leather dread cuffs. What acts like a hair tie, holds large strands in place while maintaining a look that is stylish and classy. These handmade cuffs are available in three colors and two sizes, so you can mix and match, coordinate with any outfits and feel your absolute best when keeping your locs tamed. 

Men’s Logo Nylon Bucket Hat

For many men, a cap is the perfect piece to dress up (or down) a look and one of our favorite styles are bucket hats! This accessory can be worn for almost every occasion and provides style, comfort, and protection. However, if you rock dreads or are taking the style into consideration then you know how difficult it can be to find ones that fit. Thankfully, the Keith James hat comes in several sizes ranging from small to large so no dread head will feel left out! Wear the accessory to protect your strands from natural conditions or add a little umph to your next look! 

Hair Ties

Although this accessory is one many are accustomed to, the simple addition can allow you to pull your dreads back or up into a man bun and quickly elevate your look. Men with dreads often find themselves wanting to change their look without doing anything too extreme or just wanting a break from their hair! Hair ties offer the perfect temporary solution and can be found in several different colors, widths and materials! 

Chrome Chain Cross Pendant

Looking for a unique and stylish accessory to add to your outfit? Check out the latest trend in men’s fashion – the cross-leather necklace. This trendy piece is perfect for adding a bit of edge to your look, and it can be dressed up or down to suit your style. Whether you’re looking for a new statement piece for your wardrobe, or just want to try out the latest trend, the cross-leather necklace is a great option.

Dread Loc EZ Wrap 

These wraps are perfect for those who want to minimize frizz, protect strands from natural elements, relax or express their creativity. Like the name implies this tool is easy to wrap around hair and can be adjusted to accommodate the width and length of most locs! Made from soft stretch, knit fabric, the material provides comfort and will serve no harm to hair. They are available in several colors and patterns, so you have options for any outfit you wish to pair them with! 

This concludes our list of stylish dread accessories you must try! Whether you’re looking to dress your look up or add an item for additional comfort there is something for everyone to choose from. We hope you found an item to test out and rock with your next outfit x dread combo!