Luxury Socks For Men – Mes Chaussettes Rouges Sock Couture

Luxury Socks For Men – Mes Chaussettes Rouges Sock Couture

Luxury Socks

When it comes to socks for me you  have to come up with something innovative to stand out from the crowd. So when I received a package in the mail from Paris from a French brand called Mes Chaussettes Rouges, I was in for the best sock experience I have ever had.

The philosophy behind the socks is by a famous tailor called Gammarelli, who was the tailor of the pope since 1798. The sock tailor today, is renowned for selling the most emblematic red socks of the world. And guess who was sent a pair to test out, yes MenStyleFashion had the chance to test the papal sock experience.

Mes Chaussettes Rouges –  Le Chic Socks

It is an absolute luxury when I get products sent to me that are presented in a very sophisticated way. In opening the package the socks were enclosed in a cloth bag  accompanied with a super chic elegant card.  The glossy card gave you a history of why this brand literally will knock your socks off. The socks look and feel amazing, you can see it is a luxury product.

The boutique Mes Chaussettes Rouges has a world wide exclusivity for these socks so it is an experience that is well worth exploring.

One of the other popular brands, called MAZARIN grand faiseur, are socks so respected they are worn by people elected in the Académie Française and many effluent people in France.  Among others, these socks are loved and worn by the very fashionable French Prime Ministers François Fillon and Edouard Balladur.

If this is not to your taste they also stock a wide variety of socks  from best world socks maker such as: Bresciani, Gallo or DoréDoré.

For me this whole sock shopping experience is one that you must try because when it comes to your socks. You will be amazed how many people will judge you by your socks. So give your feet and shoes the sock couture respect and order a pair from Meschaussettesrouges.

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