Suits – Summer Tips For Luxury Events

Suits – Summer Tips For Luxury Events

You really don’t have to break the bank to look good. It’s no doubt that a suit can be a significant style of investment. However, it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg.

Often, most guys hate to wear a suit. More so, they believe suits are expensive, and they’re not worth the price. But they forget that there are inexpensive suits that can make them look just as impressive as a high-end one if they go about choosing one the right way.

It’s possible to have a suit for less than $100, and sometimes even cheaper than that. Not all of us can afford a tailored suit, explicitly designed around particular measurements. However, we are here to help you get style and elegance on a super tight budget.

Know Your Fit

You need to understand that the fit is something you just shouldn’t compromise on. An oversize coat and pants will make you look out of order and cheap- no matter how expensive it can be. If you wear a regular size 40, you can try size 38. Avoid an oversized jacket where the shoulder pads hang over the actual shoulder.

If you’re in shape, you need to buy athletic cut or slim-fit suits. Both of these can give you a natural and masculine V-shape. A loose attire will not make it more comfortable for you but you will feel awkward when wearing it if it’s too loose.

Suits - Summer Tips For Luxury Events

Know the Brands and Fabrics

Just because you want a cheap suit doesn’t mean you forgo quality. Always stick with natural materials like cotton. Avoid polyester which will look cheap on you. More so, cotton is breathable, durable, and easy to maintain. Ensure you check the tags and choose a suit made of high quality and comfortable fabric, especially if you plan to wear it often.

More so, know that every brand is different. You can fit a size 40 in some brands while some will suit you at size 38. Additionally, stick to brands that make you appear younger and stylish. If you want a custom made, you can ask from the suppliers and request a suit that will fit you well- at an affordable price.

Choose an Apposite Style of Pants

Pay particular attention to the fit and style of the pant. You need to wear something that fits perfectly on your waist. The style of the pant should be in sync with the suit.

If you’re on a budget, you may not be able to afford a tailor-made pant, but if you spend enough time searching through different sizes, you may be able to find one that’s just perfect for you.

Suits - Summer Tips For Luxury Events

Select the Colors and Patterns

The colours depend on the occasion. It might be formal wear, or a wedding suit, or just something you would wear when you feel like wearing a suit.

If you’re buying a suit for the first time, consider a navy blue suit, accentuated with light pinstripes. It will be a very versatile option and would help you make a bold statement.

You can find more than a few colours even when buying a suit for as cheap as $99, if you shop at a place like Apparel99.

Seek a Friend’s Opinion

A friend that understands fashion better than you would be much more likely to offer a few helpful suggestions on what type of suit would look better on you. While it’s easy to find suits that look great, choosing one that looks great on you can be a tricky task.

And this is where the opinion of a friend that knows you well can come in handy.

Don’t Make a Last-Minute Purchase

While it’s important to spend some time searching for a good suit when trying to buy one on cheap, you shouldn’t take so long that you have to make a last-minute purchase. Purchasing a suit when you have run out of time often leads to a terrible purchase, as you have to pick from whatever options you may find at that time, as you just wouldn’t have the time to think more about your needs or preferences.

Keep It Simple

Stick to suits that come in simple styles and modest colors. They are more versatile and wouldn’t be limited to a particular type of event.

Remember, suits are expensive only if you don’t know where to shop from. There are more than a few options like this one here that sells surprisingly stylish suits that won’t brake the bank. Protection Status

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